While some writers say that the Holocaust was not only a propaganda, it is also a historical lie. Because those who died in the WW2 are Estimates of total dead range from 50 million to over 70 million. The sources cited on this page …

The Causes Of The Old Holocaust Are Building Up For A New One Full …

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Transnistria, the region between rivers Dniester (Nistru) and Bug, is still a white spot on the map of the Holocaust . Today mostly part of Ukraine with a small strip belonging to Moldova's separatist eastern edge, the self-proclaimed 'Dniester …

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CFA: International Forum 2012 on “Transnistria—The Forgotten …

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An angry Kevin Rudd has fired a warning shot at Israel after three Australians were named as suspects in an overseas assassination.


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Israel investigation

‘Why Miriam Shaviv’s got Judaism all wrong’. Rabbi Shochet’s facebook status is advertising the following event: WHY MIRIAM SHAVIV’S GOT JUDAISM ALL WRONG + HAS “MISHLOACH MONOT” BECOME TOO COMMERCIALISED

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Bloghead: 'Why Miriam Shaviv's got Judaism all wrong'

Learn how the Auschwitz Museum maintains historical authenticity.

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Holocaust History Auschwitz Birkenau: The Nazi Concentration Camp …

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Germany has a law against “hate speech” in general – Holocaust denial and enticing people to lynch justice (which we've seen here) is just one special case of that.

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Hungarian MPs criminalize Holocaust denial – Politics.hu

All of the documentary films made by Yeshiva University High School students over the past three years as part of the “Names, Not Numbers” Holocaust oral history film project have been accepted into the archives of theJewish National …

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ResourceBlog Article: Student Holocaust Films Accepted in Israel's …

HYPERCRYPTON – Video: USA – Big Bucks, Big Pharma Documentary. Searching for the Truth Behind the Scenes

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HYPERCRYPTON – Video: USA – Big Bucks, Big Pharma Documentary

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Be a part of the movement to recognize and celebrate the culture and contributions of Jewish Americans


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Let’s Make May: Jewish Heritage Month

CO teacher aims to honor Holocaust victims and turn a lesson in cruelty into a redemptive act of kindness.

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Holocaust shoe project | MNN – Mother Nature Network

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