Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad Raphael Ahren (Haaretz) – “The photograph on the jacket cover of Robert Wistrich’s new book on anti-Semitism shows two fog-shrouded train tracks that careful observers will recognize as …

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The Holocaust can Happen again, warns Top Anti-Semitism Scholar …

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) on Thursday said that it is disturbed by the use of analogies to Nazis and the Holocaust in reaction to the recently-passed law in Arizona, which gives police the authority to detain people they suspect …

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Pat Dollard | Young Americans | Blog Archive » “No Comparison …

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2010/04/28 – I grew up in Valparaiso, a predominantly white, Christian city in northwestern Indiana. Brought up in a fervently Lutheran family, I attended a Lutheran parish (a church-run school) for eight years, went to church …

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Journey to Judaism | Tribe | Jewish Journal

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz hopes that exhibits and events across the United States next month will demonstrate the significant part Jews have played throughout the last 350 years of America history. In an exclusive interview in her office with reporter Kandie Stroud, Wasserman Schultz, who helped create Jewish American Heritage month, said that education about Jewish contributions to US culture can help to counteract anti-semitism

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Jewish Achievement Interview with Rep. Wasserman Shultz

… Party a week and a half ago, and one statement by Sue Bican, an organizer for the central Minnesota chapter, is raising some eyebrows on blogs this week: Bican compared the movement to those who lost their lives in the Holocaust . …

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Mille Lacs Tea Party compares itself to Holocaust victims …

This Holocaust activity, centered on textual analysis, is geared toward middle schoolers being introduced to the Holocaust for the first time.

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Language Arts Holocaust Lesson Plan for Middle School Students

Back in January, Abe Foxman of the Anti – Defamation League ( ADL ) bizarrely accused Rush Limbaugh of anti-Semitism. (Yeah, I know….) Foxman picked a big.

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The ADL: First they Came for Rush Limbaugh … | NewsReal Blog

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While many in the largely Jewish audience laughed, others didn’t find it so funny…

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Anti-Defamation League: National Security Adviser Jones Told …

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Elie Wiesel – Holocaust survivor and Nobel Peace Prize recipient – spoke of hope before a crowd of more than 500 at Chapman University on Sunday night. “If I were alone, I could.

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Wiesel emphasizes hope at Holocaust event – Orange County Register

Written on April 26th, 2010 & filed under Holocaust Tags: , , , , , , , Israel’s birthday celebrated and Memorial Day observed, the launch of Jewish American Heritage Month and Orthodox rabbis confront “Rabba”.

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Week in Review: April 23, 2010