I felt like I was being forced to watch videos of the Holocaust . Is that a really un-PC analogy?

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if there ever was Taqiyya… the ADL and AIPAC got it

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Israel Matzav: Abu Mazen's new propaganda line – noahdavidsimon's …

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There are a number of curious, irresponsible directorial decisions throughout Holocaust . Too watered-down for broadcast television, it’s often far from harrowing despite scenes like those depicting Kristallnacht

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The Oscar Completist: 209. Holocaust

In March 2010 the Hungarian parliament adopted an anti-revisionist law making it illegal to dispute the orthodox version of the ” holocaust .” Hungarian nationalist and revisionist Otto Perge suggested a debate on the topic. …

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OCCUPIED JERUSALEM: Israel may upgrade the mandate of its probe of a deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla, by allowing it to subpoena witnesses, a statement from Premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said. The panel headed by former Israeli Supreme Court justice Jacob Turkel launched its probe Monday and served notice that Netanyahu

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Israel mulls wider mandate for flotilla panel

This video depicts a day in the life of Israel as he works his 9-5 while being a full time real estate investor turning his dreams into reality. Israel is a leading…


A Day in the Life of Israel Miller – Turning Dreams to Reality

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Sherwin is the author or editor of 28 books and over 150 articles and monographs, most recently Faith Finding Meaning: A Theology of Judaism (Oxford, 2009). For 40 years, he has served at Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies at Chicago, …

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Liberalism's Threat to American Judaism « THE BLACK KETTLE

In the ADL’s “Antisemitism at Core of Hamas Charter” piece (Google it) the ADL does not acknowledge that the part in the Hamas Charter about murdering Jews comes directly from Islam itself. From the Hadith: “There is a Jew behind me; …

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Farrakhan Accuses the Jews of 'Anti-Black' Behavior, Hypocrites …

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Benz embodies the European wish to alleviate guilt by denying the weight of the Holocaust . (As the head of a center for the study of anti-Semitism, he’s a particularly strange case; the German political scientist Dr.

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