The ADL even admitted that much of the opposition to the Islamic center is based on bigotry and condemned those views! As Alex Pareene wryly quipped on Salon's War Room blog: “Hah, I don't think you guys know what …

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ADL and NYC Islamic Center: What about the Pentagon? « Antiwar …

Hindus and Jews have called for urgent European Union (EU) intervention to stop proposed dismantling of 300 Roma and travelers camps announced by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on July 28.

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Hindus & Jews Ask Intervention For Roma Camps

TEL AVIV [MENL] — Israel has been urged to develop a fighter-jet with an international partner. Former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Arens said the Jewish state would have a partner in any project to develop and produce a fighter jet independent of the United States.

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Israel Urged To Develop Jets With Russia

Norman Terry took First Place on Lake Palestine in July by landing five bass totaling 18.30 pounds during the Jacksonville Bass Clubs monthly tournament.

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Terry finds good bass fishing on Lake Palestine

President Barack Obama warned Mahmoud Abbas in a letter that U.S.-Palestinian relations might suffer if the Palestinian leader refuses to resume direct peace talks with Israel, a senior PLO official said Saturday. Barack Obama – Mahmoud Abbas – Israel – United States – Palestine Liberation Organization

PLO official says Obama sent warning to Abbas

I don’t know why it should be a surprise that the Anti – Defamation League joined the rightist haters in opposing the mosque at Ground Zero.

MJ Rosenberg: Inside Story: Why ADL Is Opposing Ground Zero Mosque

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“The”: Burning the Koran Bad! Holocaust Denial… Not So …

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‘And along come the Israelis and knock their house down’ · Foxman plays Holocaust card · The children whose spirit a siege couldn’t break · I felt alone till I heard about the Jewish boat to Gaza · Why did a Democratic congressman’s …

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Foxman plays Holocaust card

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A Democratic political aide fired for suggesting that her boss’s election opponent was being financed by Jews says she is no anti-Semite.

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NY Dem Fires Spokeswoman for Comment on Jews

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We talk about the rise of Judaism , the Jewish people, creation of Christianity and how the religion was created and exported and eventually adopted by the Roman Empire as the official state religion. How did this happen? …

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Anomaly Radio » Article » Kenneth Humphreys – Jesus Never Existed …