The UNM Art Museum and College of Education present “Brundibár! A Children’s Opera” on Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 6 p.m. in the Experimental Theatre, UNM.

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Children's Opera Complements Holocaust Art Exhibition – UNM Today …

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Israel’s prime minister said Monday his country’s primary concern in Egypt is that the current crisis could create a void in which Islamic militants step in and endanger decades of peaceful relations between the two countries.

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Israel worried about Islamic takeover in Egypt

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“Reformed Judaism” Synonymous with Zionism and Muslim Brotherhood …

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The situation can be instantly remedied in your mind by understanding that all these endeavors with all these names and philosophical explanations are all synonyms aimed at camouflaging the words “ Judaism ” or “Jewish”. …

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ww3zionism: Anti-Semitic Musing 013: Is it Zionism or Judaism?

The U.S. position on Egypt has taken Israel by surprise and left people wondering what the Americans are doing and what this means for other allies in the region, including Israel. When the administration first urged Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak…

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ISRAEL: Is the U.S. attitude to Egypt a message?

A Jewish library program that sends free books to children at home is expanding into Broward County .

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Free Jewish book program expanding to Broward

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Thousands of Jews found refuge in Europe’s only Muslim state, where an ancient honor code saw all as guests.

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Albania’s untold story

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Israel’s risk premium, measured by the cost of insuring the country’s debt against default, has risen in the wake of the unrest in Egypt.

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Emerging Markets Report: Israel risk premium rises on Egypt unrest

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 31 (UPI) — Israel seems determined to acquire a fleet of Lockheed Martin’s costly F-35 stealth fighter despite the plethora of problems plaguing the development of the fifth-generation jet.

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Israel ‘needs F-35 to stay on top’

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