On the one hand, to be smeared by the Anti – Defamation League for combatting the incursions of Islamic law into this country is a badge not just of honor –

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The ADL Is Anti-Free-Speech | FavStocks

Gary, the article you reference (and link to) is terribly uninformative about what ADL said or did.

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fousesquawk: What Has Happened to the ADL?-A Cross Post

ADL now supports sharia. How can any supporter of civil rights defend the introduction of such barbaric “law” into the United States

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What has happened to the Anti-defamation league – Alyssa A. Lappen

John of AllFaith’s Blog: Messianic Judaism : NEW Video Lessons by … This is an extension of my AllFaith.com.

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John of AllFaith's Blog: Messianic Judaism: NEW Video Lessons by …

Diana West writes a weekly column that appears in many newspapers, including the Washington Times every Friday.

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The Death of the Grown-Up | Diana West > Home – The ADL Is Anti …

Julian Schnabel must have known that screening a film about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the United Nations General Assembly would be scene-stealing. To set the town talking, the event would unite all the trappings — provocative subject matter, prestigious venue, Hollywood glamour.

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Jewish establishment divided over film

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The number thirteen has a few other connections to Judaism in general, not specifically Passover: Maimonides summarized Jewish belief in his Thirteen Articles of Faith (or Thirteen Principles). In Ashkenazi tradition, the Yigdal hymn of …

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The Number Thirteen in Judaism

Thailand coach Bryan Robson is pleased with the draw for the World Cup qualifying round in which his men are likely to meet Palestine.

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Robson happy to face Palestine in qualifier

Washington – Marla Gilson is a well-known face in Jewish advocacy circles. A long time head of Hadassah’s Washington office and an alumni of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the federation system, Gilson was recruited last June to head the Association of Jewish Aging Services (AJAS), an umbrella organization for 110 Jewish nursing homes and facilities for the elderly. But Gilson …

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Jewish Nursing Home Association’s Jewish Values Face Test When New CEO Falls Ill

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Israel is considering building an artificial island with sea and air ports off blockaded Gaza, as a long-term solution to shipping goods into the Hamas-run Palestinian enclave, the transport minister said.

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Artificial island off Gaza? Israel ponders idea