Which is the True Legacy of Abraham – Islam, Judaism or Christianity? Jews, Christians and Muslims agree, Abraham, the friend of God, is an example of pure and unconditional righteousness and faith. The love that Abraham displayed towards God is clearly seen in Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only beloved son.

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Judaism, Christianity or Islam: Which is the True Legacy of Abraham? ( 2 of 5 )

“We thought LTTE were liberators of the Tamil people. They forcibly recruit children and youth

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LTTE lies exposed Interview with doctors held in Wanni- Part 02

Holocaust denial is pervasive, growing, and doomed. It is incredibly serious that it is taking over, but at the same time utterly trivial and quite meaningless. We must ignore it and crush it – right away.

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Deborah Lipstatic On Holocaust Denial

Secretary Napolitano spoke at the Anti-Defamation League Leadership Conference on April 22. She discussed the Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and mentioned its role in outreach, particularly in the large Somalian community in Minnesota.PLEASE NOTE: Comments and video responses posted to the Department of Homeland Security YouTube Channel are subject to YouTubes usage policies.

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Secretary Napolitano at the Anti-Defamation League Leadership Conference 4/22/09

The Arab League voted on Saturday to seek full UN membership for a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The proposed state would have East Jerusalem as its capital

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Arab leaders seek UN-backed Palestine

ONLINE CONVERSION PROGRAM http://www.jewu.info False Messiahs in Jewish History Jesus? Shabtai Tzvi?

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False Messiahs in Jewish History JewU 165 Rabbi Jonathan Ginsburg http://www.jewu.info

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randy harrison in israel

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The heroic armed forces of Sri Lanka are beating the daylights out of the cowardly terrorist outfit LTTE. Veditallativu was the biggest sea tiger base. sea tigers ran like rabbits under fire from SLA commandos.

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LTTE thrashed out of Veditallativu the biggest sea tiger base

Ephraim Kaye, Director of the International Seminars for Educators Department at the International School for Holocaust Studies in Yad Vashem, relates a strategy for confronting Holocaust denial. The video is part of the series “Insights and Perspectives from Holocaust Researchers and Historians”.

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Confronting Holocaust Denial: A Strategy

http://www.romereports.com Benedict XVI welcomed a delegation from the B’nai B’rith community to the Vatican. Their name means ‘Sons of the Covenant’ in Hebrew and they’re the oldest Jewish service group organization in the world. They work on projects of community service and provide scholarships to Jewish youth.

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Pope welcomes B’nai B’rith, says Jews and Catholics have much in common