Here’s a look at a new summer program, two studies and a consumer product recall.

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Parenting news: Girls’ body image camp, action vs. violence, babies and language, Zooper stroller recall

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An Israeli firm accused of trading with Iran in violation of sanctions denied the allegations on Tuesday and said they were a “mistake” by the US State Department, Israeli media reported.

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Israel firm denies Iran link, cites ‘mistake': report

June 2 In Jewish History 876 BCE (28 Iyar 2884): This is the traditional date of death of Samuel, prophet and priest (born 2832). 455: The Vandals entered Rome and plundered the city. Among the treasures they took with ..

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This Day … In Jewish History: This Day, June 2, In Jewish History

LA PAZ, Bolivia — The defense minister of Iran, whose extradition is sought by neighboring Argentina for the 1994 bombing of a Jewish center, is in Bolivia participating in the dedication of a military academy, Gen. Ahmad Vahidi is wanted by Buenos Aires as an alleged mastermind of the bombing, which killed 85 people. Jewish center president Guillermo Borger called on Argentina’s government to …

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Iranian minister wanted in Jewish center bombing in Bolivia.

President Barack Obama, in a speech, called on Israel to return to some variation of its pre-1967 borders. The practical significance of these and other diplomatic evolutions in relation to Israel is questionable.

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Israel Would Be Safer If It Returned To Its Pre-1967 Borders

The Israeli Government, together with the IDF, coordinates the delivery of a variety of humanitarian aid and development assistance to the civilian population of the Gaza Strip on a daily basis.

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Gaza Strip Weekly Crossing Report for May 22nd to 26th | Israel …

Twelve years have passed since Alon Cohen, formerly of the group Nosei Hamigbaat (The Top Hat Carriers), left Israel for New York, but his faith has not tired. Not at all

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Religion and rap in the mix

But fellow senior union members accuse Aaron Porter of misrepresenting motion voted for by national executive The NUS president, Aaron Porter, has been accused of misrepresenting a new policy adopted by his own union in support of Palestinians after he warned it could lead to a backlash against Jewish students. The policy passed by the NUS national executive council demands “freedom for …

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NUS Palestinian policy could cause Jews to suffer, says union president

Which is the True Legacy of Abraham – Islam, Judaism or Christianity? Jews, Christians and Muslims agree, Abraham, the friend of God, is an example of pure and unconditional righteousness and faith. The love that Abraham displayed towards God is clearly seen in Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his only beloved son.

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Judaism, Christianity or Islam: Which is the True Legacy of Abraham? ( 2 of 5 )

“We thought LTTE were liberators of the Tamil people. They forcibly recruit children and youth

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LTTE lies exposed Interview with doctors held in Wanni- Part 02