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Archbishop Tutu endorses ‘Freedom for Palestine’ single by OneWorld!

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The biggest wave of protest rallies in years is due to start shortly in Israel. Demonstrators will take to the streets in seven cities across the country. And activists hope the rally in Tel Aviv alone will attract half-a-million people

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Anger Tsunami: Mass protest wave reaches Israel

An uprising of the Middle Class – that is how demonstrations of up to 120000 people across Israel are being dubbed. An estimated 50000 gathered in Tel Aviv alone, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s housing reform last Tuesday. His approval rating has dropped to 32 per cent as the price of basic goods and housing rises

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Israel’s middle class in mass protest

Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in seven cities across Israel, and their social slogans are rapidly being replaced by the calls for the government to step down. The biggest rally is underway in Tel Aviv with around 150000 people having gathered at the “Tahrir Square of Israel.” Police have arrested several activists who were blocking roads in the centre of Tel Aviv, calling for Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to quit over government policies. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:

‘Future is up to us': Israel protest gathers 150000

More than 150000 Israelis have taken to the streets to protest against rises in the cost of living. The protests took place in six Israeli cities, as anger was directed to the government for not doing enough to help ordinary Israelis. Al Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman reports from Jerusalem.

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Thousands rally in Israel over rising prices

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A stone altar from the 9th century BC was found in an archeological dig on Tel Tzafit, located in the southern coastal plain at a site identified with the biblical Philistine city of Gat. The altar is reminiscent of Jewish altars from the same period and sheds light on the cultural links between the two peoples, who fought each other for centuries.

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Ancient altar found in Israel

Norwegian Ambassador to Israel Svein Sevje discusses the history of Jews in Norway and the relationship between Norway and Israel

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Ambassador Sevje on Norway

Arab Spring or European style discontent? Israel is the latest scene of nationwide mass protests.

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Jewish Tahrir? Israel witnessing mass protests

It doesn’t take a prophecy scholar to recognize the deteriorating situation in the Middle East. CNN is already talking about a coming battle for Jerusalem as if they invented the idea.

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The Battle for Jerusalem-4000 Years And Counting – part 3 of 4.wmv – Israel News * Ankara strongly condemned Israel for approving the building of new homes in West Bank settlements a Turkish Foreign Ministry statement said. The comments were in response to the Israeli Ministry of Housing and Construction’s publishing of tenders for 336 housing units in West Bank settlements last week. “Israel’s illegal actions on the lands it has invaded are unacceptable,” the statement said.

Turkey lashes out at Israel