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Turkey Denial Of Holocaust

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On August 4, 2011, the White House announced the Presidential Directive on Mass Atrocities which established a standing interagency Atrocities Prevention Board. Such a presidential statement and a new interagency process for preventing mass atrocities were key recommendations of the 2008 Genocide Prevention Task Force (GPTF) co-chaired by Madeleine Albright and William Cohen, and convened by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the US Institute of Peace and The American Academy of Diplomacy. Other recommendations of the Task Force, a nonpartisan group of policy experts and former government officials, that have been adopted include the creation of a high-level position in the White House on mass atrocities, greater planning for mass atrocities at the Pentagon and State Departments and increased focus on threats of genocide in the intelligence communities

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Holocaust Museum Welcomes Presidential Action on Genocide

IN THE PAPERS INTERNATIONAL Israeli-Palestinian conflict – In Wednesday’s pick of the world’s press we look at fears NATO may facilitate a massacre in Sirte, the dark side of the Libyan revolution, Israeli plans to arm settlers and outrage in Latin America over STI experiments 60 years ago. FRANCE 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS 24/7

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict – Israel arms settlers, trains them to shoot Palestinians

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Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructure has commissioned an external body to conduct a feasibility study for the building of a nuclear power plant. The study will examine plans for Israel’s Electric Corporation to construct a nuclear power plant in southern Israel, that will provide 1200 megawatts constituting 10 percent of the corporation’s mass production. It will also focus on declaring the area where the plant will be constructed ex-territorial, an area over which Israel hold no sovereignty.

Israel mulls building nuclear power plant The Israeli army has stepped up attacks on Gaza since the start of the month of Ramadan. In this edition, we look at the extent of the damage and injury resulting from these assaults since the start of this month by speaking to an eye-witness who was on the scene. We will also cover the long-term impact of continued attacks like this recent one on Palestinian society.

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Human rights abuses in Palestine-Remember Palestine-08-13-2011

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STOP NATOISM , USA FRANCE UK ITALY GET OUT NOW!! Libya is Libyan not a USA colony!!! Long Live Gaddafi!!!

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Libya Tripoli Holocaust The Rise Of Natioism

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Israel raised the level of alert in the south after intelligence was received that Palestinian terrorists were planning a major attack against Israel. On Monday, Israel’s military chief Lt. Gen

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Israel raises alert in the South

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The Israeli Defence Force is reportedly preparing settlers for the mass uprising of Palestinians, expected after the UN votes on a Palestinian statehood in September. The preparations include handing out tear gas and stun grenades to civilians. Military resistance to Palestinians will only bring international sanctions on Israel after Palestine is recognised in September’s vote

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Turning Tables: ‘Israel illegal occupier if Palestine recognized’

JPAS (West Bank) Shelter 8/26/2011

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JPAS (West Bank) Shelter ANGELS

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Oops. You stay classy, Cascarino.

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Tony Cascarino Holocaust comment

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