I am an online resource to find out what Judaism, not what it’s not. So ask me all your questions and I will help you to break the myths and misconceptions. Todays’ lesson, what is Judaism-nothing like starting from the beginning! Enjoy!

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What is Judaism? Don’t you want to know? – Video

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Occupy Wall Street protester greets questioner with anti-Semitic remarks, tells National Review’s Charles CW Cooke he is a “provocateur.”

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Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protest [CLEAN VERSION] – Video

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Excerpt from the play DENIAL by Peter Sagal. Performed October 1-16, 2010 at Second Stage at the Adrienne Philadelphia, PA by Fever Dream Repertory Cast Michael Brinckman……….Adam Ryberg Lawrence H

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Holocaust denier confronts death camp survivor – Excerpt from DENIAL – Video

Visit http://www.truthtellers.org for the Truth.

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Farah Calls Ted Pike a Lying Anti-Semite (Oct 2011) – Video

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After more than 60 years of dispossession and 40 years of occupation, Palestinians have turned to the UN for justice.

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Empire – Palestine state … of mind – Video

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http://www.euronews.net Both Palestinian and Israeli families have been burying their dead in a recent upsurge in cross- border violence.

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Israel denies truce after cross-border violence – Video

Sarah Austin and Bear Kittay go to Israel to check out the western wall. They talk to their friend Adi who tells them all about it.

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West Bank Wall – Video

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[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR5GQ–YNpI] This is the introduction to a much larger video production that I am working on and am looking for feedback (positive and negative) on the layout and content. ————————— The Hebrew Bible, called the Old Testament by Christians and the Tenach by Jews, is an Ancient Near Eastern text, which was written millennia ago within a time and culture that is vastly different from our own. The authors perspectives on life and the world around them is steeped with their own traditions, lifestyles, manners and thoughts

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A History of Hebrew: Introduction – Video

idfspokesperson.com Terrorist squad in Gaza Strip that was preparing to launch long-range rockets into Israel An IAF aircraft targeted a terrorist squad in the southern Gaza Strip that was preparing to launch long-range rockets. The aforementioned squad is responsible for the firing of the Grad rocket towards southern Israel this past Wednesday. A hit was identified and the launching attempt was thwarted.

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Video of Terrorist Squad Preparing to Launch Rocket From Gaza at Israel – Video

A holocaust surviver is cursed out by a left wing nut at the rally against the ground zero mosque, August 22, 2010.

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