I am an online resource to find out what Judaism, not what it’s not. So ask me all your questions and I will help you to break the myths and misconceptions. Todays’ lesson, what is Judaism-nothing like starting from the beginning! Enjoy!

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What is Judaism? Don’t you want to know? – Video

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Occupy Wall Street protester greets questioner with anti-Semitic remarks, tells National Review’s Charles CW Cooke he is a “provocateur.”

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Anti-Semitism at Occupy Wall Street Protest [CLEAN VERSION] – Video

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Excerpt from the play DENIAL by Peter Sagal. Performed October 1-16, 2010 at Second Stage at the Adrienne Philadelphia, PA by Fever Dream Repertory Cast Michael Brinckman……….Adam Ryberg Lawrence H

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Holocaust denier confronts death camp survivor – Excerpt from DENIAL – Video

Visit http://www.truthtellers.org for the Truth.

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Farah Calls Ted Pike a Lying Anti-Semite (Oct 2011) – Video

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After more than 60 years of dispossession and 40 years of occupation, Palestinians have turned to the UN for justice.

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Empire – Palestine state … of mind – Video

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http://www.euronews.net Both Palestinian and Israeli families have been burying their dead in a recent upsurge in cross- border violence.

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Israel denies truce after cross-border violence – Video

Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Pope’s top liaison to Jewry, claimed Jews support sainthood for Nazi-era Pope Pius XII. He also called the cross ‘the definitive Yom Kippur.’

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Top Cardinal Claims Jews Want Sainthood for Nazi-Era Pope

Monday, two leading Republicans condemned the UNESCO vote to admit Palestine, essentially recognizes it as a state.

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Cantor, Ros-Lehtinen condemn UNESCO admittance of Palestine

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel is forcing Palestinians out of East Jerusalem as part of a deliberate policy that might constitute a war crime, a prominent Israeli non-governmental organisation said on Monday, a charge rejected by Jerusalem’s mayor.

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Israel forcing Palestinians out of East Jerusalem – NGO

Palestine became a full member of UNESCO overnight in a historic vote that could cost the agency a fifth of its budget and that the US and other opponents say could harm renewed Mideast peace efforts.The decision is a grand symbolic…

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Palestine’s UNESCO move angers Israel