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Anne Frank: The Whole Story Part 7 – Video

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A hard rock band from israel

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Gaza Strip – Track 2 – Video

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Bright red strawberry crates are seen loaded on the back of trucks headed towards the Israeli border. Israel has recently permitted the export of a number of Palestinian strawberries from the Gaza Strip. Gaza farmers say the strawberries are now a symbol of hope

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Gaza strawberries bring optimism – Video

Four Katyusha rockets were fired from Lebanon at northern Israel on Monday night, causing damage to buildings and igniting a blaze that firefighters fought for hours. One of the 22-millimeter rockets struck a gas tank

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Four Katyusha rockets from Lebanon hit northern Israel – Video

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Rabbi David Komerofsky Testimonial – 2010 ADL Austin Torch of Liberty Award Dinner – Video

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A short video for Holocaust Believers.

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What do Holocaust Deniers believe? – Video

When the United Nations, in 1977, proclaimed 29 November of each year as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, it was a clear admission of guilt towards this people. It was recognition that the Palestinian people deserve international solidarity and support, in the name of justice and rights.

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The Story of Palestine – Video


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ISRAEL MUSIC HISTORY IAF Band 1970 String of Israeli Songs – Video

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The Secret Relationship between Blacks and Jews. Vol 1 (Book) PDF

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Minister Farrakhan – History and Truth of the Slave Trade the Jews – Video

Written on November 30th, 2011 & filed under Jewish History Tags: , , , , Fire fighters in northern Israel were called to a blaze after several rockets launched from Lebanon hit the Galilee region. Two buildings were damaged in the attack but no casualties were reported.

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Rockets launched from Lebanon strike Israel – Video