Mrs. Darwish is the current Director of Former Muslims United

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"Arabs for Israel’s" Nonie Darwish: "Until Islam is reformed, the west will not know peace" – Video

The “miserable and hungry” life in the Gaza Strip is a big lie that the media wants to make you believe. The pictures are worth more than million words. Hello Anti-Israel YT experts! Please read the documents in the links bellow, and then debate, discuss and argue about international rights and laws.

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Gaza Strip — The Miserable And Hungry Daily Life – Video

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2nd "Best Plans for a Peaceful Israel/Palestine" Conference in Ariel – Video

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Holocaust from the album Blood Fire Death

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Bathory – Holocaust – Video

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Israeli warplanes have launched two airstrikes on what the army called “terror sites” in central and northern Gaza, killing at least one person and injuring ten others. The Israeli military earlier confirmed it’s preparing for a new large-scale offensive against the Palestinian territory, which hasn’t yet recovered from the assault three years ago.

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‘Israel govt most fascist in history’ – Video

Israeli Defense Forces have confirmed they are preparing a possible large-scale attack on Gaza.

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Gaza Vu: Israel warns of major attack – Video

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In the Israeli town of Ramle, a recent fire at a synagogue has caused tension between police and the local Jewish population. One rabbi has said the fire was an act of arson, whilst police have maintained that it was caused by a short circuit. Jewish residents have complained that the authorities are afraid to confront terrorism against Jews in the town

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Synagogue vandalism in Ramle, Israel: Arson at Synagogue condemned by Anti-Defamation League – Video

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The Israel Air Force conducted a second strike of the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, just hours after the Israeli army confirmed it targeted a terror operative in the coastal strip. A statement by the IDF Spokesman’s Office said that the second strike targeted a global Jihad terror cell in the northern Strip that was planning to attack the western part of Israel’s border with Egypt. The IDF identified the two operatives targeted in the second strike as Rami Daud Jaber Kaferana, a global Jihad operative from the Gaza town of Jebalia and Hazzam Muhammad Saadi al-Shaker, a global Jihad man from the town of Beit Hanun.

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Israel strikes Gaza Strip – Video

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A radio host in Berlin who claimed the Holocaust was fictitious in an email has been fired by German publicly funded radio station RBB following a protracted row over the scandal.

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German DJ fired over Holocaust denial – Video