Paige Pless, a sophomore at Tech Valley High School, talks about being bullied and how a school project led her to realize her desired career path: working with the Anti-Defamation League as an educator in their “Be An Ally” program.

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Bullying Victim Fights Backs

Annotated Bibles don't often make headlines, but “The Jewish Annotated New Testament” (Oxford University Press) – the title alone is enough to provoke spirited discussion – has caused a stir.

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Jewish scholars dare to bridge religious divide

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Jewish leaders delivered a letter to the White House urging action to allow food to reach hundreds of thousands of people facing starvation in Sudan’s border regions.

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Jewish groups urge White House to act on Sudan

Speculation is mounting over whether Israel will attack Iran's nuclear facilities sometime soon. Israelis see Iran as a threat, but many wonder whether it would be worth the price.

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In Israel, A Nonstop Debate On Possible Iran Strike

Newt Gingrich has upped his attack on rival Mitt Romney, running robo calls in Florida now accusing rival him of forcing Holocaust survivors to eat non-Kosher food. Gingrich spokesman R.C..

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Is this Kosher? Gingrich accuses Romney of forcing Holocaust …

Religious fundamentalists are gaining greater influence on both sides of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, complicating peace efforts.

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Religious trash talk goes mainstream in Israeli-Palestinian conflict

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30-01-2012 02:22 When America beats the drums of war over Iran it may not always be driven by the Islamic state’s nuclear intentions.

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Israel ‘master of puppets’ in US Iran onslaught – Video

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30-01-2012 23:27 Israel Air Force chief Ido Nehushtan said Sunday that Israel’s aerial superiority in the Middle East is in danger, since neighboring countries are being equipped with increasingly advanced weaponry, which could end up in the hands of terrorists. Nehushtan said that he is very worried by the situation in Syria and said that despite Syria’s turmoil, it is still purchasing advanced weapons such as planes and anti-missile aircraft worth billions.

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IAF: Israel’s aerial superiority in danger – Video

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The BBC has admitted it was ‘overcautious’ in editing the word ‘Palestine’ from an artist’s performance on Radio 1Xtra and has said it is ‘looking to learn’ from the way it handled the situation.

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BBC censors 'Palestine' from rapper's performance

Austria's President withdraws an award from a far-right leader who allegedly likened his supporters to Jews under the Nazis.

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Austria row at 'new Jews' remark

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