Inventing Our Lives: The Kibbutz Experiment – Excerpt Set against the backdrop of its glorious 100-year history, Inventing Our Life: The Kibbutz Experiment reveals the heartbreak and hope of Israel's modern kibbutz movement as a new generation struggles to ensure its survival.

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Inventing Our Lives: The Kibbutz Experiment – Excerpt – Video

23-04-2012 04:59 What goals has the BDS movement achieved so far? Does it aim for a constructive solution to the conflict? How should Israel react to it?

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CrossTalk on BDS: Sanctioning Israel (ft. Gilad Atzmon) – Video

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Google Maps Street View launched in Israel – Video

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22-04-2012 08:53 READ ON Iran should play by the rules if it wants to have legitimate access to peaceful nuclear energy, stressed General James L. Jones, former national security advisor to US President Barack Obama, in an exclusive interview with RT. RT on Twitter: RT on Facebook:

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‘Israel strike on Iran ill-advised, given our nuclear intel’ – Video

Israel’s projected “limited war” against Iran threatens to become an all-out regional conflict, with fatal consequences for the Middle East and beyond, writes James Petras* The mounting threat of a US-Israeli military attack against Iran is based on many factors including: the recent military history of both countries in the region; public pronouncements by US and Israeli political leaders; recent and on- going attacks on Lebanon and Syria, prominent allies of Iran; armed attacks and assassinations of Iranian scientists and security officials by proxy and/or terrorist groups under US or Mossad control; the failure of economic sanctions and diplomatic coercion; escalating hysteria and extreme demands for Iran to end legal, civilian use-related uranium enrichment; provocative military “exercises” on Iran’s borders and war games designed to intimidate and be a dress rehearsal for a preemptive attack; powerful pro- war pressure groups in both Washington and Tel Aviv, including the major Israeli political parties and the powerful AIPAC in the US; and lastly, the 2012 National Defense Authorisation Act, US President Barack Obama’s Orwellian Emergency Decree of 16 March 2012. The US propaganda war operates along two tracks.

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Myths of a limited Israeli-Iranian war

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