Borough Park, NY – My rebbeim in the Satmar cheder in Montreal during the '50s and '60s were warm and caring; I remember them all with great fondness. All were survivors, but somehow they did not fit the stereotypical ..

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Bobover Talmidim Compile Family Holocaust Histories – VosIzNeias

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Israel has returned to Palestinian custody the remains of 91 militants killed while carrying out suicide bombings and other attacks.

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Israel releases bodies of 91 Palestine militants

US SECRETARY of state Hillary Clinton has said unilateral action is not a substitute for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations on a two-state solution.

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US calls for talks between Israel and Palestine

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State mulls relocating West Bank outpost to land set aside for IDF

For decades, Israel has marketed an array of cosmetics and food products manufactured in the occupied West Bank as “Made in Israel,” blurring their true origins in Jewish settlements opposed by virtually the entire international community.

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Made in Israel? Not a simple question

Although Obama still enjoys overwhelming Jewish support, some Americans ask why Obama receives the lowest percentage in decades, of Jewish votes for a Democrat.

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Countdown to 2012 elections: New Jewish vote poll shows slight gain for Romney

The remains included some perpetrators of deadly suicide bombings carried out against Israelis in the last decade, while the oldest of the remains had been held by Israel since 1975.

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Israel Returns 91 Palestinian Bodies

I am open to any suggestions anyone might have about how to go about setting up a Memorial for the Survivors of the Psychiatric Holocaust . Who would you nominate?

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The Psychiatric Holocaust Survivor Museum | madinvt

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During a speech he gave to honor a recipient of a Medal of Freedom, President Obama used the term Polish death camp.

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President's Holocaust Comment Angers Polish Community …

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Ben Cohen: Noam Chomsky Embarrassed by George Monbiot

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