By Lauren Berry-Kagan, Washington State Holocaust Education Resource Center PHOTO roma, gypsies, Europe, Italy. Vadim Ghirda/AP.

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The reporter wanted to understand why today's filmmakers would be interested in making films about the Holocaust now, nearly 70 years since the end of World War II.

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What Place Do Holocaust Films Have in Jewish Film Festivals …

Ben Frank explores the world to find Jews in obscure destinations Despite the amusing stereotype, there are Jews who choose to live outside of New York and South Florida. Many live in unconventional and bizarre locales that provoke surprise: Siberia? Vietnam?

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Boynton author searches for far-flung Jewish communities

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JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The Palestinian Authority and Israel agreed on a revamp of revenue collection that may help relieve the Palestinian government's deepening debt crisis, officials said on Tuesday. The aid-dependent Palestinian economy in the occupied West Bank is facing a deepening financial crisis due to a drop in aid from Western backers and wealthy Gulf states as well as Israeli …

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Palestinians, Israel agree on revenue revamp

JERUSALEM — In his first communication with Israel since taking office, Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi responded to a greeting from Israeli President Shimon Peres with a message Tuesday pledging to work to put Middle East peace efforts back on track, Peres’s office said.

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Israel: Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi pledges new peace efforts

JERUSALEM/CAIRO (Reuters) – Israel said on Tuesday it had received a letter from Egypt's President Mohamed Mursi indicating he wanted to work for peace in the Middle East, but Mursi's office later denied sending it. An Israeli official, who asked to remain anonymous, said the denial was to be expected, due to the sensitivity of the issue. Israeli President Shimon Peres's office said earlier on …

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Egypt denies Mursi letter sent to Israel

A letter to Israel from Egypt's new president hoping for regional peace kicked up a stir Tuesday when the Egyptian leader's Islamist movement denied he sent it. Israel insisted the letter was genuine.

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Egypt official: leader's letter to Israel is fake

Meet New Head of ADL . Believe in the rights of others and tolerance

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what's cooking?: Meet New Head of ADL

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By Judith Sudilovsky Catholic News Service BETHLEHEM, West Bank (CNS) — Every week for the past month, when she has the money, Suha Alladin takes her 10-year-old son Mohammed, from their West Bank Village of Ma’asara to Bethlehem in a shared taxi. She tells her family and neighbors that the boy is going to the dentist

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Center in Bethlehem gives trauma victims a place to seek comfort

Schoolteachers have long complained about the difficulties of teaching this chapter in French history.

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Law & Humanities Blog: François Hollande On the Holocaust

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