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Christians for Israel in The Netherlands organized two services for confession and repentance on Monday evening 21st September. We have treated the Jewish people very badly. We have mistreated and misused the words which were entrusted to Israel, said Rev. Kees van Velzen who led the service in Woerden (Netherlands). More…

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, together with other top UN officials and senior diplomats from some 50 nations, have gathered on September 22, 2015 at the UN Rose garden in New York to celebrate the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashana and prepare for the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur. The unique event was hosted by the Israeli Mission to the UN and the Forum for Cultural Diplomacy, which is a European Coalition for Israel initiative to the UN. More…

Christians for Israel seeks to bring a Biblical witness to the churches about the coming of Gods Kingdom; to warn the nations; to comfort Israel; and to help the Church to prepare for the Coming of the Lord. We are a network of national ministries, active in over 40 countries worldwide. This Report provides an overview of the activities of C4I International from 1st January 2014 to 30th June 2015. More…

Since the so-called Arab Spring broke out in 2010, the Middle East has been thrown in utter chaos, and with it, the rest of the world. Recent months have witnessed a growing flood of refugees fleeing violence, war and terror in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Eritrea and many other countries. Europe is now confronted with what some describe as the greatest demographic upheaval since WWII. More…

Quite recently (at the end of August, 2015), we helped one Jewish family Korobka, five people in total, to make Aliyah.They fled from Luhansk in the East of Ukraine and lived for two and a half months in our ‘shelter’ in Kiev before all their paperwork was done! On the day of their departure, the Korobka family told us they would love the other part of their big family to join them in Israel. More…

Last August (2015) we were blessed with a visit from Rev Willem Glashouwer, President of Christians for Israel International and a renowned Bible teacher. During the ten day speaking tour Rev Glashouwer taught on the themes Why Israel? Why Jerusalem? Why End Times?. Together with Derek Prince Ministries and Shalom Israel Melbourne, Ebenezer Operation Exodus co-hosted two one-day conferences and arranged visits to several church services and meetings in both Sydney and Melbourne. Rev Glashouwer was also invited to give a lunchtime lecture at NSW Parliament House, hosted by Rev the Hon Fred Nile MLC. His further speaking engagements included a Korean prayer group and two Korean-church evening meetings. More…

Masha and her husband Sergei were peacefully living in Luhansk and had excellent jobs. Sergei is a military veteran and quite recently they were making very good money, however, once perestroika happened in the beginning of the nineties of the last century their lives were completely turned upside down. They bought the usual inexpensive car Lada and were very happy about it! More…

Olesya Bogolei has just stepped on the path to make her dream a reality! Today in the morning I (Nataliya Krizhanovski) met a very interesting passenger an on-coming olim. Right now she makes the first step flies to Israel as part of the Na’ale-program. Its an incredible opportunity for teenagers to enter a school in Israel for 2 years. Some call it: “First children Aliyah, then parents”. More…

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German intelligence chief warns refugees could be ‘easy prey for Islamists’


Jerusalem Post

Man beats girlfriend to death in middle of Tel Aviv street


According to Tel Aviv police, the an argument broke out between the man and his significant other on Chelnov street in south Tel Aviv near the corner of Matalon Street.

IDF strikes Syrian military targets in response to stray fire into Israel


For second time in two days apparent errant fire from civil war in Syria lands in Israeli territory.

Errant projectile from Syria again explodes in Golan, none hurt


For second time in two days apparent stray rocket fire from civil war in Syria lands in Israeli territory.

Christian schools, Education Ministry reach agreement to end strike


33,000 pupils from church schools set to return to studies on Monday.

The rest is here:
Christians for Israel International – Start your biblical …

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Ive read the Great Gatsby more than a dozen times. Its one of those reference books for me, in that I find I can come back to it again and again are learn something new each time.

Recently I saw a preview for the upcoming film version of The Great Gatsby (directed by Baz Luhrmann who didMoulin Rouge!). Bazs style fits his name, and is grand, dramatic, over the top and nearly absurd, but also beautiful, shocking and intense. The preview made the movie seem brutal for a book Id thought of as lyrical, more smoldering than explosive. The preview made me wonder how much Id forgotten about the book, since it had been years since last Id read it, so I picked it up and read it in two sittings.

As a sketch of a story there is nothing amazing about The Great Gatsby. Its a writers book in a way, since its so simple and in many way obvious, yet works so wonderfully well, making itirresistibleto try and take it apart.Its a deceptive little book. Its constructed as a series of slow burning time bombs that make you simultaneously want them to both go off to relieve the pressure, but not go off, so you can enjoy the way things are slowly unraveling for as long as possible.

What makes the book sing is the first person narration, and how easy Fitzgerald makes it seem to wind brilliant internal thoughts and commentary between plotting, dialog and observation. He jumps though time and perspective but always makes you, as the reader, feel well cared for by the soft cushion of his narrative powers. But there are some moments that dont age as well: moments of anti-semitsm and racism, which, on afterthought, were probably appropriate for 1920s America. Some of the manners of speech feel staged, but not having been born until 50 years after it was written its hard to argue whether he got it right or wrong. But none of those complaints stand in the way of what has always been a deeplyworthwhile, and easy read.

Some choice non-spoiler quotes from the book:

Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope.

No Gatsby turned out all right at the end; it is what preyed on Gatsby, what foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams that temporarily closed out my interest in the abortive sorrows and shortwinded elations of men.

Something in his leisurely movements and the secure position of his feet upon the lawn suggested that it was Mr. Gatsby himself, come out to determine what share was his of our local heavens.

The little dog was sitting on the table looking with blind eyes through the smoke, and from time to time groaning faintly. People disappeared, reappeared, made plans to go somewhere, and then lost each other, searched for each other, found each other a few feet away. Some time toward midnight Tom Buchanan and Mrs. Wilson stood face to face, discussing in impassioned voices

He smiled understandingly much more than understandingly. It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life. It faced or seemed to face the whole external world for an instant, and then concentrated on you with an irresistible prejudice in your favor. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey. Precisely at that point it vanished.

Excerpt from:
The Great Gatsby: Book Review | Scott Berkun

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Office of The New York Times. Photo: Wiki Commons.

The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA) told The Algemeiner today that The New York Times has an anti-Netanyahu obsession. The media watchdog made the comments in response to a strongly worded editorial in The Times decrying Prime Minister Netanyahus election victory on Tuesday.

Anyone who wasnt already aware of The New York Times mindset just has to read todays paper on Israels elections torealize how pervasive isthe anti-Netanyahu obsession at that newspaper, said Senior Media Analyst Ricki Hollander of CAMERA.

CAMERA also accused the paper of being anti-Israel. Hollander said that the newspaper makes no secret of its disdain for the Israeli election results and of Israels democracy.

Hollander addedthat she is hard pressed to think of any other foreign election that haselicited such clear and obvious bias at The New York Times.

Entitled An Israeli Election Turns Ugly, The New York Times editorial board used words, such as desperate, craven, racist, outrageous, and fear-mongering in its description of Netanyahus reelection campaign. The board also argued that Netanyahu had forfeited any claim to representing all Israelis.

The New York Times specifically criticized Netanyahus comments this week in opposition to a Palestinian state, writing:

Mr. Netanyahu showed that he was desperate, and craven, enough to pull out all the stops. On Monday, he promised that if his Likud faction remained in power, he would never allow the creation of a Palestinian state, thus repudiating a position he had taken in 2009.

The publication continued:

But his statement this week laid bare his duplicity, confirmed Palestinian suspicions and will make it even harder for him to repair his poisoned relations with President Obama, who has invested heavily in pushing a two-state solution.

The New York Times editorial board also accused Netanyahu of ugliness:

Mr. Netanyahu added to the ugliness of the campaign when, during Tuesdays voting, he said in a video on social media: Right-wing rule is in danger. Arab voters are streaming in huge quantities to the polling stations.

The editorial further described what it considered fear-mongering:

In his desperation, Mr. Netanyahu resorted to fear-mongering and anti-Arab attacks while failing to address the issues that Israelis said they were most worried about, namely the high cost of housing and everyday living in Israel.

Soon after the editorial was published, Haaretz journalist Chemi Shalev described it as one of the harshest in memory. New York Times greets Netanyahu victory with one of harshest editorials ever, he wrote on Twitter.

The rest is here:
The New York Times Goes Nuts After Netanyahu Victory …

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Perpetrator of the Downingin Ukraine, of the Malaysian Airliner, Will Stay Hidden

Eric Zuesse

Regarding what caused the downing of the Malaysian airliner MH-17 in Ukraine on July 17th, the Ukrainian news agency UNIAN, reported ina brief Russian-language news story on August 12th, that four days earlier (August 8th) a representative of that nations Prosecutor General office, Yuri Boychenko, had said that (as auto-translated by google),the results [of the investigation] will be announced upon completion of theinvestigationand with the consent of all the partieswho signed the corresponding agreement. This UNIAN report said that, As part of the four-partyagreement signed on August 8between Ukraine, the Netherlands, Belgium andAustralia [all of which nations are allies of the United States and are cooperating with its new Cold War against Russia], information on the investigation into the disasterMalaysian Boeing-777will not be disclosed. In other words: the official investigation is being carried out by four nations that, as U.S. allies, are hostile toward Russia. One of those four nations, Ukraine, is not only a prime suspect in possibly having shot this airliner down, but is currentlywaging a hot war to ethnically-cleanse the pro-Russian population out of southeastern Ukraine; and the initial news reports in Western news media regarding the downing of MH-17 had stenographically repeated the Ukrainian Goverhments line that said that this airliner was probably downed by the local rebels there, who were trying to shoot down the Ukrainian Governments bombers that are constantly bombing them. Some Western news reports even speculated that perhaps Russia itself had shot this airliner down. If the UNIAN news-report is correct, then there is no way that the investigation will be able to be released to the public if it indicates that the Ukrainian Government (which, according to that news-report hasveto power over the making-public of the studys findings) is blamed for having shot the airliner down.

On August 12th, another pro-Ukrainian-Government news site,, headlined, as auto-translated by google,GPU: The results of the investigation [into the] crash [of] the Boeing 777 will be released with the consent of the parties,and said, Information about the accident MH17 in the Donetsk region will be published in obtaining the consent of all the parties that are involved in the investigation. UNIAN was cited there as gordonuas sole source. News media didnt probe the matter further.

Until 23 August 2014, that seems to have been the last of the matter, as far as news reports were concerned, and both of those two news reports were just tiny squibs in the Russian language, published only in Ukraine, by supporters of the Obama-installed Ukrainian Government. The news was ignored both inside and outside Ukraine.

Then, on 23 August 2014,Global Research News published the first English-language news-report on this matter; it was based on the second Russian-language news-report, the one that had appeared at on August 12th. Global Research concluded from it that,The Causes of the MH17 Crash are Classified.Of course, this way of phrasing the matter is a slight oversimplification, because, actually, the findings will remain classified only if, and to the extent that, the Ukrainian Government is found to have caused the airliners downing. In other words: this investigation will not be published unless the Ukrainian Government and the other three nations that are performing it agree unanimously to publish it.

So: imagine a murder-case in which 298 innocents are slaughtered, and in which there are only three suspects (here: Ukraine, the pro-Russian rebels, and Russia itself), and one of those three suspects has veto-power on the making-public of the investigation into that crime. Well: this is that murder-case, and the veto-holding investigator and suspect is Ukraine. Neither of the other two suspects holds any such veto-power over this investigation.

In a sense, whether the official investigation into the downing will ever be made public is insignificant, just as would be any investigation that is carried out by, or with veto-power from, one of the prime suspects in the crime that is being investigated.

The international public would obviously need to be fools in order for them to trust such an investigation as that.Case closed?

President Obama got the economic-sanctions-increase against Russia, that he had wanted out of this shoot-down. Who needs any investigation to determine this mass-killings actual perpetrator? Certainly not Obama.Ultimately, it is he who caused it, because he was the person behind this ethnic-cleansing campaign, without which ethnic-cleansing campaign the airliner itself wouldnt have been downed.

The downing of this airliner goesstraight backtothe U.S. White House, which has already won what it wanted from it.

Those 298 corpses are just casualties ofthis U.S.-caused war, like the Ukrainians are casualties of itwho live in the portions of Ukrainethat had overwhelmingly elected in 2010 the Ukrainian President whom Obama ousted from office in 2014. Obama doesnt want a President like that elected ever again in Ukraine; so, those voters are being gotten rid of, and ethnic cleansing is how its being done. Andthe residents there are likewise not being heard from in Western news media, and nobody in the West is asking these victims what they think of the Ukrainian Government that Obama installed. Perhaps thats because they are increasingly becoming a guerilla army to defeat the regime that Obama installed.

As to the specific operation that downed the plane, there is already a lot more information about that than the official investigation, if thats ever published, is likely to reveal, andit points clearly to the Ukrainian military as the perpetrator, in yet another of their false flag operations. And unlike the Ukrainian Governments charges that rebels shot it down by mistake, Ukraine shot it down with deadly purpose and knowing full well what they were doing.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, ofTheyre Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010,and ofCHRISTS VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.

MH-17 ‘Investigation': Secret August 8th Agreement Seeps …

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any white advocates are grateful for the work of Jared Taylor. Hes at the forefront of racial realism as a researcher, writer, conference speaker, and leader. His American Renaissance magazine and website enjoy widespread respect among white advocates. But as white advocacy work is at some level invariably involved with the Jewish Question, many in the movement wonder why Taylor is not. What are this forerunners views about the racial group that is at the forefront in stifling white advocacy?

Thankfully, Joe Adams of The White Voice asked him point blank:

Why is it that you dont focus on the Jews, who have history been parasites upon many nations and continents which theyve put themselves in. They also control mass media and are responsible for pulling the strings behind many different forms of government. Why is it that you do not confront the Jewish problem?

Go to 22:15 in this podcast to hear it yourself, but below is Taylors response followed by our commentary.

As far as the Jewish Question is concerned, I think that whites need to take responsibility for what they do themselves. I think that its not useful to blame our failure on the machinations of others. People who are constantly talking about and complaining about Jewish influence remind me of blacks who think everything thats ever gone wrong for blacks in the past or ever will go wrong for blacks in the future is because of white racism. I think that blacks need to be responsible for their successes and their own failure, and I think that the whites have to as well. At the same time, I think that although many Jews are on the wrong side of questions of nationality and questions of race, I think that some Jews are on the right side. And I think that it would be wrong simply to exclude them from the efforts of any kind of racial sanity in this country simply because theyre Jews.

Adams had a response:

At the same time you dont, Mr Tayloryou dont have to look very far to realize that 90 percent of these [media] outlets are controlled by Jews. How often would you see black against white being portrayed as hate crime in the media? But as soon as a white person does something against a black person, its this big national story. Its the way the media pushes things and because they are 90 percent controlled by people within the Jewish either race or religionHow about the Israeli interest that this government has? A politician in this country cannot get elected if he is not pro-Israel There are a lot of pulling of the strings behind the scenesI think once we overcome Jewish influence, a lot of white people will have their minds straightened out.

Again, Taylor:

I think that it would be a mistake to say that the media of the United States are controlled 90 percent by Jews. The implication there, of course, is that there is a Jewish interest that is constantly being expressed by 90 percent the media. I think that these days if you were to poll Episcopalians, for example, on questions that have to do with race and nationality, you wouldnt find much difference in their views on these things from those of Jews. And again, I think that the essential question is: What is it that white people must do? I think that if white people had a sensible view of their own history and their own future, it wouldnt make any difference what a small minority, whether Jewish or Episcopalian or anyone else, is doing. I think that if you had the kind of message that has been broadcast in the United States in terms of anti-racism or anti-Nationalism in any other groupsay you tried that on the Japanese or you tried that on the Nigeriansthey would just laugh at you. I think white people are particularly susceptible to appeals to a kind of altruism. I think that our very virtues are easily turned against it. But I think that it is to our own selves that we have to look for solutions, rather than blame them on the machinations of others.

I think that something that tends to happen to people who have the interests of whites at heart, they start fixating on the activities of Jews in a way that, I think, they begin to miss the point almost. That it seems that trying to counter Jews or trying to thwart their interests becomes more important than advancing our own interests. I think that at the same time some people become so obsessed with Jews that they refuse to see anything good that any Jewish group or any Jewish individual is doing for our race. That, too, is a mistake. At this point, we need allies of all kinds, and I think to the extent that we can find allies among Jews or any other group, its very foolish to try to fend them off simply because of what their religion or what their ethnic background may be.

It is true that societies die from suicide rather than murder, and that whites need to take responsibility for their actions. Whites have indeed gotten themselves in the mess theyre in, but according the general Jewish Question thesis, one key way in that whites got in this mess was by letting Jews in their societies to manipulate and pervert them. And a key means of this control and perversion is their promotion of the multiculturalism and miscegenation that Taylor and we all despise. Of course, there is copious historic and present data available that corroborates this general thesis: the primary group responsible for corrupting and controlling mainline media, humanities and social sciences in the universities, and economic and social legislation in European nations, is a Jewish group. They themselves admit it. Does Taylor outright denounce this claim as false? Not quite. But if whites are to take responsibility for their failures as Taylor wishes, then they must analyze and understand every aspect of their failures, and the JQ is directly on the radar.

Taylors comparison of whites who complain about Jewish influence to blacks who blame whites for their failures is desperately inadequate. During the limited time of American slavery, whites goverened blacks by rule of law (righteous law in my view). Jews, however, rule whites by deception, usury, censorship, blackmail, espionage, warfare, racial mixing, propaganda, Zionism, etc. And most of said practices have a much longer history than the sum of American slavery and Jim Crow. The petulant bickers of blacks about white oppression are mostly imaginary while white complaints against Jews are as bona fideas the Federal Reserve Notes in your wallet, the US military that is presently spreading Israeli hegemony in the Middle East, or the Sallie Mae bill at home on your desk. The physicalcommand centers of Jewish supremacy are present in several European countries and in major cities here along our East Coast. Youll find no white dominion headquarters on black soil. The comparison is simply preposterous.

The bit about some Jews being on the right side of questions of race and nationality is disingenuous. Is Taylor so benighted that hes unaware of the Talmudic doctrine of inherent gentile inferiority? Is it news to him that Jews are the most noxiously xenophobic and scrounging group on the planet? Has he not spoken about these things with other white advocacy leaders over the years (e.g., David Duke, Kevin MacDonald, William Pierce, James Edwards)? Yes, there are exceptions, but as members of an infamous class it behooves Jews to own their perverse Talmudic teachings and their historically parasitic behavior in European nationsafter all, Taylor himself is calling for racial groups to take responsibility for their actions. These are not the problems of any other groups, be it Nigerians, Japanese, or Episcopalian. These are Jewishproblems. Perhaps Rabbi Schiller, who has written positive things at AmRen, will concede these things.

The question of whether Jews control 90 percent of the media must be decided by examination of who actually owns the media conglomerates, not necessarily by determining whether the medias message is explicitly pro-Jewish. The irony, however, is that no message could be more pro-Jewish than mass medias. What message is pumped from Hollywood, sitcoms, reality shows, documentaries, news broadcasts, etc? Nothing but multiculturalism, miscegenation, suppression of minority crime, feminism, sexual liberation, anti-children/family innuendo, outright mockery of Christianity and Europeans, Zionism, and the suggestion that Jews are successful, smart, and funny yet dreadfully persecuted. According to the JQ thesis, that is as pro-Jewish as it gets. Taylors implicit claim that the mainline media doesnt promote Jewish interest a priori dismisses the very thesis the JQ poses for his consideration!

Taylor is correct that we whites are susceptible to a kind of altruism that easily turns our virtues against us. And one way we do thismaybe the chief wayis by capitulating to the fear of being politically incorrect instead of bravely decrying and boldly challenging the evils perpetrated by protected classes. By doing so, by not calling out the Jew, we are validating the farce of racism and reinforcing the weaponry of our enemy. Did you know that Taylor has the honor of being recognized on the ADLs website as personally refraining from anti-Semitsm? Yet they and the SPLC still demonize him as a white supremacist who conducts pseudo-scholarship and pseudo-scientific studies, and as one who provides venues for anti-Semites to gather and collaborate. Why the need to thread that PC needle when Jews call you a bigot all the same?

Taylor presents our situation as if we may either fixate on trying to thwart Jewish interests, or we may more nobly focus on advancing our own. This is the fallacy of bifurcation, committed when one presents a distinction or classification as if its conclusive or exhaustive when other alternatives exist, or when one presents contraries as contradictories. The alternative is that we fixate on advancing own interests as well as on removing the obstacles in our path. Many of these obstacles are placed by Jews.

Before we finish the commentary, lets raise an interesting perspective on Taylors refusal to focus on the Jew. Many white advocates believe that Taylor is being strategic, that he really knows what we know but that hes using a long-term tactic. Maybe the strategy is to fly under the radar long enough to recruit greater forceswork that wouldnt be possible using the scorched earth approach of Alex Linder. Maybe its another. Personally, I dont buy it. Its an unethical tactic to deceive your own people about that which youre hiding. There are other (albeit difficult) ways to side step the JQ, but Taylor hasnt done that. He hasnt been neutral. He has instead made a positive case for turning away from such silly Jew business. Consider the rest of his response.

Taylor says its a mistake to ignore any good that Jewish groups or individuals may be doing for whites. Indeed it is. We appreciate Brother Nathaniel Kapner, Bobby Fischer,Norman Finklestein, Benjamin Freedman, etc. But since these white favors involve Jews blowing the whistle on their own tribesomething Taylor refuses to dohis point backfires. Our point is that its also a mistake to ignore the mass evil that Jewish groups and individuals are doing to whites.

Shockingly, Taylor ends his response by stating that we must have cross-racial allies and that its very foolish to try to fend off other people simply because of their religion or race. While this warrants a blog post of its own, allow four points to suffice.

First, speaking the truth about group behavior should not be equated with (irrationally) fending off a group because of race or religion. Jared Taylor of all people knows this. Its precisely for his work in exposing black crime, for example, that Jews call him a racist. Yet, here is the pot calling the kettle black. Second, as mentioned, we welcome the work of whistle blowing Jews; he doesnt. Third, weno doubt Taylor includedappreciate Pastor James Mannings efforts in taking on the Black Question by calling a spade a spade, as it were. How can we applaud Manning for taking responsibility for the failures of his race but not also applaud when Jews like Kapner do the same? Double standard. Fourth and last, there are times when we should (rationally) fend off folks for their religion or race. Those who embrace Judaism embrace an explicitly anti-Christ and anti-Goyim religion. Unless this is an inaccurate evaluation of Judaism, Taylor should explain why we should welcome their help. If a black Muslim of the anti-white variety wanted to join our cause, wouldnt we first require a denouncement of his religion? Taylors point about refusing help for religious reasons is surely overstated. Race, too, can be a helpful profiling attribute. Rather than rashly fending off a black or a Jew because his race has historically been hostile to ours, we must at least allow his race to inform our first approximations. If we decide to allow his help, it is because we made an exception, not because we were color blind at the outset.

In Taylors reasoning for refusing to focus on the JQ, weve seen a poor analogy, contradictions, double standards, a bifurcation, and a take-away message that The Jew is one of us. As a leader in the white advocacy movement, thats simply irresponsible. We can condense our response to Taylor thusly: We are not blaming our failures on the machinations of others by opposing and exposing those who are forcefully and systematically contributing to our failures.

On the basis of Taylors being an erudite man, his acquaintance with those who strongly oppose Jews, and the very nature of his work, we may reasonably conclude that he is indeed aware of the realities behind the JQeven if he once told Phil Donahue that Jews are fine by me. Thus, puzzled white advocates are left seeking an explanation for his deeply deficient response to Joe Adams, as well as for his known policy of banning the JQ as a discussion topic at his AmRen conferences and web forum. The fairest judgment I can personally give to Taylor is that perhaps his tactic is to raise awareness of and offer credence to the JQ by never explicitly denying it, choosing instead to gain modest media coverage so that a larger number of possible converts can connect those dots on their own. But many white advocates will not be convinced; they will think that Taylors troublesome position on the JQ, which whitewashes a substantial threat to our work, has the efficacy of placing a Trojan Horse in the camp.

Ours is a time for straight talk and lasting solutions, not polished dialogue and misdirection. The great white leaders of the past spelled out the enemys name as clearly as they laid out the path to victory. Today, white politics is not for sport; it is for survival.


Go here to see the original:
Jared Taylor on the Jewish Question – Tribal Theocrat

Sixteen surviving members of the Bielski Brigade, Jewish partisans who saved thousands from the Nazis and their collaborators in Belarus during the Holocaust, were honored in Manhattan Monday night by the Jewish Partisans Educational Foundation.

The group included Aron Bielski, now known as Aron Bell, the youngest of four brothers and last survivor of the family that took up arms during a bloody three-year uprising and inspired several books and a 2008 action film, “Defiance.”

“It was hell on Earth,” Aron Bell told The Jewish Week. “They were killing Jews left and right. To be a Jew was like being the worst criminal in the world. We had to survive.”

The 16 former Bielski partisans, of 50 known to still be alive, were each presented with a medallion created for the event that bears the words “We Are Here,” from a song they sang during the war, also bearing the inscrition “Honored Commander Tuvia Bielski.”

Tuvia was the eldest of the brothers. He died in 1987 in New York and was largely unrecognized for his heroism during his life. He was portrayed in the Edward Zwick-directed film by actor Daniel Craig.

In addition to Aron, the other partisan brothers were Asael and Alexander, although the family had 12 siblings at the start of the war. Although the Bielskis were able to save an estimated 1,200 Jews, they were unable to save their parents and many of their siblings, who were killed in a massacre near Novogrudok, Poland. Some left Europe before the war.

“They were martyred, and inspired by future generations to resist oppression,” said Alan Bell, Aron’s son, who visited the site of the mass grave to say kaddish for his relatves.

Aron Bell took to the podium but defered to his son to speak for him. “He graciously accepts these accolades as the last surviving member of he Bielsksi family,” Alan Bell said.

In his keynote address, Alan Dershowitz, the noted author and Harvard law professor, said the Bielskis’ courage should inspire young Jews today to stand up and defend Israel and denounce anti-Semitsm.

“Courage is not something you are necessarily born with,” said Dershowitz (See above vdeo). “You can learn many things from the incredible bravery of the Bielski brothers and all the people who risked their lives in the woods to save the lives of others.”

Read more from the original source:
Jewish Partisan Group Honors Bielski … – | The Jewish Week

The history of Jewish community of Serbia goes back about two thousand years. Jews first arrived in what is now Serbia in Roman times. The Jewish communities of the Balkans remained small until the late 15th century, when Jews fleeing the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions found refuge in Ottoman-ruled areas, including Serbia. Jewish communities flourished in the Balkans until the turmoil of World War I. The surviving communities, including that of Serbia, were almost completely destroyed in the Holocaust during World War II.

Jews first arrived on the territory of present-day Serbia in Roman times, although there is little documentation prior to the 10th century.

The Jewish communities of the Balkans were boosted in the 15th and 16th centuries by the arrival of Jewish refugees fleeing the Spanish and Portuguese Inquisitions. Sultan Bayezid II of the Ottoman Empire welcomed the Jewish refugees into his Empire. Jews became involved in trade between the various provinces in the Ottoman Empire, becoming especially important in the salt trade.[3]

Many Jews were involved in the struggle of Serbs for independence from the Ottoman Empire, by supplying arms to the local Serbs, and the Jewish communities faced brutal reprisal attacks from the Ottoman Turks.[3] The independence struggle lasted until 1830, when Serbia gained its independence.

The new Serbian government was not friendly toward the Jewish community, and by 1831 there were prohibitions against Jews entering some professions. The situation for the Jews briefly improved under the rule of Prince Mihailo Obrenovi III (18391842), but anti-Jewish provisions were reinstated under Prince Alexander Karaorevi (18421858).[citation needed]

With the reclamation of the Serbian throne by the Royal House of Obrenovi under Milo Obrenovi in 1858, restrictions on Jewish merchants were again relaxed, but three years later, in 1861 Mihailo III inherited the throne and reinstated anti-Jewish restrictions.[3] In 1877 a Jewish candidate was elected to the National Assembly for the first time, after receiving the backing of all parties.[4][5]

The waxing and waning of the fortunes of the Jewish community according to the ruler continued to the end of the 19th century, when the Serbian parliament lifted all anti-Jewish restrictions in 1889.[3]

In 1879, the “Serbian-Jewish Singer Society” was founded in Belgrade as a part of the Serbian-Jewish friendship. Renamed “Baruch Brothers Choir” in 1950, it is one of the oldest Jewish choirs in the world still in existence.[6] By 1912, the Jewish community of Kingdom of Serbia stood at 5,000.[3] Serbian-Jewish relations reached a high degree of cooperation during World War I, when Jews and Serbs fought side by side against the Central Powers.[7]

While the rest of Serbia was still ruled by the Ottoman Empire, territory of present-day Vojvodina was part of the Habsburg Monarchy. In 1782, Emperor Joseph II issued the Edict of Tolerance, giving Jews some measure of religious freedom. The Edict attracted Jews to many parts of the Monarchy. The Jewish communities of Vojvodina flourished, and by the end of the 19th century the region had nearly 40 Jewish communities.[8]

In the aftermath of World War I, Montenegro, Banat, Baka, Syrmia, and Baranja joined Serbia through popular vote in those regions, and this Greater Serbia then united with State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs (from which Syrmia had seceded to join Serbia) to form the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which was soon renamed Kingdom of Yugoslavia. Serbia’s relatively small Jewish community of 13,000 (including 500 in Kosovo),[9] combined with the large Jewish communities of the other Yugoslav territories, numbering some 51,700. In the inter-war years (19191939), the Jewish communities of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia flourished.

History of the Jews in Serbia – Wikipedia, the free …

Reflections & Religion

This essay is a continuation of a previous post, The Jewish Way.

Matthew 5:20, Christian Bible

Matthew 10: 5-6, Christian Bible

One of the most common themes in literature is teshuvah, or return and repentance. I am not a follower of the Christian tradition by any means, but one of the most famous stories that focuses on this theme in the Christian faith is The Prodigal Son.

It is a touching parable attributed to Jesus of Nazareth about a wayward son who asks for his inheritance when his father is still alivea real slap in the face of traditionsquanders it living the high life, and ends up destitute and feeding the pigs, an unkosher animal that symbolizes non-Jewish ways and traditions. He eventually makes it home, expecting to be treated with contempt, but is instead received in kindness and joy as a king.

In the Christian tradition, the story is significant in that it speaks about God’s patient and enduring love for humanity in general and his love for his own, in this case, followers of the Christian church in particular. There is no getting way from that reality when one reads the Christian interpretation of the story, even from the most liberal and Judaic-knowledgeable and -aware sources.

Even so, the conventional Christian interpretation, as full of humanity and humility it contains, surely misses the mark. Unfortunately, this view, even shared by Christian scholars and theologians of first-rank minds, fails to take into account a few essential points. In short, the whole social and cultural history of the parable and frame it within the proper context.

That being said, I would like to add another interpretation of this famous and well-liked parable. A midrash so to speak, in a sort of inquiry to the narrative’s meaning. I am not a biblical scholar or a Judaic studies scholar, but I am fairly familiar with the biblical narratives contained in the main books of both Judaism and Christianity and the traditions that inform them. So I say this not without knowledge or thought. The story of the Prodigal Son is actually about Jewish teshuvah or return to Jewish ways and values.

That is, the story is directed only at Jesus’ co-religionists at the time, his fellow Jews. His message is directly aimed at the idea of maintaining their Jewish ways and traditions, even in the face of opposition and the temptation to assimilate into the larger surrounding culture of Hellenistic Greece, which still had resonance in Roman-conqueredJudea. There is no getting away from that fact, and I am not sure how Christians today can read anything but that essential truth into the story.

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Firebird wrote:Reading some kind of love affair with Hitler is quite jawdropping on a Russian forum.

27 MILLION Russians/Soviets were murdered. Most of them women and kids. Vast numbers of other Slavs, West Europeans, Jews and other groups, the same fate. Despite what some crackpots might claim.

the anglozionist powers are pushing for the extermination of 140 millions of Russians today.. and 90% with the world population with their De-population programs and world government /world police non sense.. Germany/HItler was provoked into a war.. this cannot be ignored .

Go an see again at min 4:00 in the previously posted video..

How Poland , (similar to how kiev is doing in eastern ukraine) began massacres against German civilians minorities. Something they just like today kiev war crimes.. they denied.

Once a majo war start. the outcome cannot be predicted.. Today if a world war 3 start.. Putin will be in a risk of having to kill much more than hitler did. . Because no only they will need to attack USA.. but also any strategic place where americans have a military base in the world. That is all NATO. to make sure its military power can never again be threatening to them.

In world war , unintended consequences happens and many innocent civilians die.. Had soviets surrender (glad they didn’t ) ,probably will have been like France ,that was not destroyed. But Hitler only way to survive Germany the war with the west , at least he though was to have the oil fields of Russia.. to continue maintaining the war with the west ,why he don’t bother to enter in moscow.

Most of the people who died in Soviet union and concentratin camps in world war 2 ,died consequences of food..there was no people working in farms.. all were fighting, there was not enough food and they starved to death.

Im not a hitler supporter.. neither a war supporter ,but i can understand why he did what he did in europe . and i will understand if Russia is forced one day to use nuclear weapons against NATO major powers that right now are attacking Russia economy and fuel the violence in Ukraine and the violence in Syria ,kidnapping their people around the world and fueling unrest in their own country through NGOs.. In fact is impressive how tolerant is Putin today by all the things anglozionist powers do against their country. Not many leaders can sit down and watch their people to be massacred day and night in the thousands and NATO countries providing weapons for that violence to continue ,while at the same time blaming the victims of their attacks for the violence they provoke. Is quite admirable Putin patience with the west.. and still not sure if his policy can stop the aggression on their nation. time only can answer that.

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The Situation in the Ukraine. #10 – Page 51

To the editor: Your editorial about the proposed definitions of anti-Semitic actions and speech on University of California campuses raises a more important question: What is it about the societies of California, the United States and even the whole world that makes it necessary for the UC system to have a policy on anti-Semitism? (“How far should UC go with an anti-Semitism policy?,” editorial, July 16)

The United Nations has equated Zionism with racism (U.N. General Assembly Resolution 3379, passed in 1975). Why?

Anti-Semitism seems to be a cultural given in our society. Why?

Stephen M. Baird,San Diego


To the editor: I’m a proud, Israel-loving American Jew. I’ve been to Israel, and I fully support it. But its current government? As we say in my family, Feh!

By the way, I love my own country too. But the George W. Bush administration? Again, Feh!

Governments come and go, but the nation and the people outlive their current administrations and life goes on.

Oh, and those American members of Congress who say they vote with an eye toward what’s best for Israel? What would the Israelis call a Knesset member who said she or he would vote first for what’s best for America? A traitor.

Barry Davis,Agoura Hills

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