For those old enough to remember, the assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 was an indelibly tragic moment. For those too young to remember, here comes an Israeli exhibit making its debut in the United States.

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First stop for Israel exhibit on Yitzhak Rabin: East Bay

To the editor: Anyone who thinks the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is just now starting to turn into a religious one doesn’t understand the true nature of the conflict.

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict was always about religion

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Nov 25 2014 / 10:25 pm An Israeli bus driver ran over two Palestinian at al-Jalama checkpoint in Jenin, killing one person and injuring another, Palestinian security sources said Tuesday. Palestinian security sources told Maan that Noor Hassan Naim Salim, 22, and Alaa Kayid Salim, 20, from Nablus were injured after being ran over by an Israeli bus. Hussein was taken to an Israeli hospital with serious injuries and later died

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Israeli Bus Hits Palestinians in Jenin, 1 Dead

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THE 13th Israeli Film Festival with the theme “Laughter from the Holy Land” continues its great journey in the Philippines. This time, it goes to Davao City to bring the Israeli culture of film-making and strong trademark of humor to the southern Philippines. In partnership with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the film festival presents eight films: The Matchmaker, Ushpizin, Total Love, Up the Wrong Tree, Alex is Lovesick, This is Sodom, Pick a Card, and The Big Dig

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Israeli humor goes to Davao

SAKHNIN, Israel – Under the eyes of hundreds of police and private security guards the Israeli premier league’s only Arab club beat mainly-Jewish rivals Beitar Jerusalem 1-0 on Sunday. Despite on-pitch brawling between Beitar and Bnei Sakhnin players in the seventh minute of extra time, police reported only minor incidents off the field

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Arab footballers beat Jewish rivals 1-0 in tense grudge match

By JOSEF FEDERMAN and ARON HELLER Associated Press JERUSALEM (AP) – In a move likely to further inflame tensions with Israel’s Arab citizens, the Israeli Cabinet on Sunday approved a bill to legally define the country as the nation-state of the Jewish people. The decision, which set off a stormy debate that could bring down Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s brittle coalition government, followed weeks of deadly Arab-Jewish violence and was denounced by critics as damaging to the country’s democratic character and poorly timed at such a combustible moment

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Israeli Cabinet approves nationality bill

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Reform Jewry that even an Israeli could understand

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Every Saturday a group of Israeli settlers and Jewish tourists, escorted by dozens of Israeli soldiers, parade through the Old City of Hebron, in the West Bank, on a tour, in which they hear an exclusive rightwing Jewish narrative of the city’s history. Last Saturday, however, was a holiday commemorating Abrahams purchase of land in Hebron to bury his wife Sarah, so an unusually large number of Israeli settlers, Jewish tourists (many from New York), and Israeli border police and soldiers were present

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Holy Land: Israeli group closes down Old City of Hebron to Palestinians

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Ashkelon Moves To Bar Laborers Bibi Slams Move wikipedia Published November 20, 2014. An Israeli mayor has imposed a partial ban on employing Arab workers in his city in a sign of mounting security concerns after a surge in deadly Palestinian attacks

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Israeli Mayor Bans Arab Workers After Terror Attack

It’s quite a distance between the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, with its strip malls and housing tracts, and the Galilee town of Kafr Kana and its boxy white homes, winding roads and minarets

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Israeli Arabs, an imaginary enemy