Two-year-old Krzys zooms down a slide in Warsaw and shrieks with delight, paying no mind to the workmen who are busy demolishing the playground walls. The tombstones, known as Matzevot, from hundreds of Jewish cemeteries across Poland — that were abandoned or destroyed following the Holocaust — were used to pave roads and put up walls during the communist era

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Used to rebuild Warsaw, Jewish tombstones return to cemeteries

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Tensions remained high in Jerusalem on Friday with added police security after a Jewish infant died this week when a car driven by a Palestinian man plowed into a group of people at a light-rail stop.

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Tensions high in Jerusalem in aftermath of infant's death

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A Jewish women's rights group smuggled a holy scroll to Jerusalem's Wailing Wall to pray, in contravention to the rules governing the holy site.

Chutzpah: Women Defy Rules to Pray at Jewish Holy Site

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A Hasidic Jewish man accused of taking photos of a sex-abuse victim as she testified in a blockbuster 2012 trial will have the case against him dismissed Friday, the Post…

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Hasidic Jewish man who took photos of abuse victim in court to have case dismissed

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The global Jewish community is being encouraged to observe the Sabbath a little more strictly from sunset on Friday.

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VIDEO: Phones off to mark Jewish Sabbath

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In 1949, Shelley Bauer’s Holocaust survivor parents arrived in Petaluma. There they found a Jewish community that embraced them and their quest for a new start after the horrors they had endured in Europe.

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Jewish community of Petaluma celebrates 150 years

French Hill, a mostly Jewish area of Jerusalem, and the adjacent Arab neighborhood of Shuafat have long been separated by a cultural and economic gulf. Concerns that unrest in Jerusalem might snowball increased this week when a Palestinian man rammed a car into a packed tram station, killing a baby girl. The streetcars wind their way from Mount Herzl in the west to Pisgat Ze'ev in the northeast …

Jerusalem Streetcar Vandalism Shows City’s Divisions After Gaza

In the late 1800s and early 1900s America was ravaged by “white death” – tuberculosis was so feared that patients were sent to remote sanatoriums and at death were often buried separate from others. Every day, tens of thousands of drivers pass within feet of one such plot at Golden Hill Cemetery in Lakewood, a historic Jewish burial site in Colorado at 12000 W. Colfax Ave.

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Lakewood's Golden Hill Cemetery links to Jewish history, TB epidemic

26 — Consecutive years of Savannah's Jewish Food Festival500–750 — Loaves of challah 10,000 — Noshers in Forsyth Park 1,700 — blintzes 40 — Trays of kugel50,000 — Tickets to be sold the day of the festival The Shalom Y'all Jewish Food Festival will be from 11 a.m.

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Shalom, Y'all Jewish Food Festival back in Forsyth for 26th year

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When a young Jewish woman is diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States, an organization founded more than a decade ago is ready to help.

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What is Jewish about breast cancer? Sharsheret spreads message about risk

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