Leo Frank taken from the Tower to the Coroner’s Inquest, Atlanta, Georgian, Monday, May 5, 1913, on the left is Chief of Detectives Lanford and on the right (image cut out) is Chief Beavers
The procedural machinations of the official Mary Phagan murder investigation, wasted no time in efforts regarding uncovering the material circumstances of the crime.

The Coroner’s Inquest

Presided over by the Fulton County Coroner Paul V. Donehoo were a half-petite Jury of prominent White men from the community, who opened the Coroner’s Inquest investigation on Wednesday morning, April 30, 1913.

The coroner’s inquest began shortly after nine o’clock after the Jury was sworn under oath. The empaneled tribunal in total consisted of 7 men (1 + 6), the Coroner and six inquest Jurymen: 1. H. Ashford, foreman, 2. Glenn Dewberry, 3. J. Hood, 4. C. Langford, 5. John Miller 6. C. Sheats 7. Judge of the Inquest Jury, The Fulton County Coroner, Paul Donehoo.

Within the two cross examination sessions of Leo Frank, he was very specific that he did not use the 2nd floor bathroom ALL DAY when he testified under oath at the Coroner’s Inquest – not that he didn’t remember – but that he DID NOT USE the bathroom on April 26, 1913. It appeared as if he was distancing himself (verbally and mentally) from the bathroom area of the second floor which was located in the metal room. There were no other bathrooms on the second floor of the National Pencil Company, except in the metal room (Defendent’s Exhibit 61). This was thought of as a throw away detail, until it became a link in the case.

Caught in a Lie: The Perjury of Lemmie A. Quinn

A controversial new development occurred concerning Leo M. Frank’s murder timeline alibi about him never leaving his office on April 26, 1913, between noon and 12:45pm. Leo Frank said he had forgotten for the first week of the murder investigation to bring forward Lemmie A Quinn, foreman of the metal room, a key witness at the coroner’s inquest and later at the Leo Frank trial who was criminally impeached during the appeals when it was discovered he was offering bribes to witnesses to change their stories. At the Coroners Inquest, Lemmie Quinn, came forward to provide testimony that sounded contrived and did not pass the common sense test.

Quinn told the Coroner’s Inquest Jury, he had went back to the pencil factory and specifically into Leo M. Frank’s office at 12:20 to 12:25 for the purpose of talking about a baseball bet with Mr. Herbert George Schiff, but Schiff was not supposed to be at the factory at all that day, because it was a State holiday, and everyone was given the day off.

Herbert G. Schiff later prided himself at the Leo Frank trial for never missing a day of work in 5 years (BOE, Herbert Schiff, 1913) except once unintentionally during a disastrous flood. Leo Frank gave the false impression that Schiff missed work that day to support the Quinn appearance.

Several employees close to Leo Frank would later provide a cacophony of contradictory information about Schiff.

Herbert G. SchiffThe young Herbert G. Schiff, became the Superintendent at the NPCo after Leo Frank.
If Lemmie Quinn was at the NPCo factory on Confederate Memorial Day, Saturday, April 26, 1913, at 12:20 PM, asking Leo Frank “Where is Herbert G. Schiff?”, and intimating he had not come to work yet, the average person in 1913 was sarcastically asking why was Herbert Schiff NOT at work on a State Holiday in the shuttered factory?

The Coroner’s Inquest Jury saw right through it and ostensibly the falsified testimony of Quinn was meant to shrink the plausible time Leo M. Frank would have to bludgeon, rape and strangle Mary Phagan by 15 minutes from formerly 12:02 PM to 12:35 PM, to 12:02 PM to 12:19 PM. However the importance of Lemmie A Quinn’s artificially manufactured testimony was it added eye witness testimony strength to Leo Frank’s alibi that he never left his office from at least noon to 12:35 pm.

Lemmie Quinn’s perjury, shrunk Leo M. Frank’s unaccounted time on that fateful Saturday, but it still left wide open and unaccounted for, the time frame Mary Phagan arrived at Leo M. Frank’s office.

Three Separate and Distinct Mary Phagan Arrival Times Would Later Become Four

According to Leo Frank:

1. Mary Phagan arrived in his second floor business office at 12:03 pm on April 26, 1913, this information was given to detectives on Sunday, April 27, 1913, in Leo Frank’s office.

2. Mary Phagan arrived in his second floor business office at “12:05 pm and 12:10 pm, maybe 12:07 pm” according to Leo Frank in State’s Exhibit B, given to the police on Monday, April 28, 1913.

3. Mary Phagan arrived in his second floor business office at 12:10pm on April 26, 1913, this information was given at the Coroner’s Inquest.

At the time of the Coroner’s Inquest, Leo Frank had provided three different and separate time frames Mary Phagan had arrived in his office.

Conclusion of the Coroners’ Inquest and Jury

Coroner Paul Donehoo and his Inquest Jury of six men empaneled, questioned over 100 factory employees and dozens of other various associated people.

The Coroner’s Inquest combed through the factory to examine the layout and permutations of the murder.

The week long inquest and testimony provided under oath, left very strong suspicion directed upon Leo M. Frank when Thursday, May 8th 1913, the Mary Phagan Inquest drew to a close.

At 6:30 pm, the jury went into executive session to hear the testimony of Dr. J. W. Hurt, county physician, on the what had happened to Mary Phagan shortly before her death and what was the likely cause of her death. The doctor addressed the Inquest Jury for twenty minutes.

Donehoo convened to hear the jury findings:

“We, the coroner’s jury, empaneled and sworn by Paul Donehoo, coroner of Fulton County, to inquire into the death of Mary Phagan, whose dead body now lies before us, after having heard the evidence of sworn witnesses, and the statement of Dr. J. W. Hurt, County Physician, find that the deceased came to her death from strangulation. We recommend that Leo M. Frank and Newt Lee be
held under charges of murder for further investigation by the Fulton County grand jury.


Homer C. Ashford, Foreman
Dr. J. W. Hurt, County Physician”

Coroner and Inquest Jury Verdict: The Coroner Approved the Unanimous Finding of the Inquest Jury

The Coroner and his Inquest Jury of six jurymen together voted unanimously 7 to 0 recommending Leo M. Frank be bound over for murder and investigated further by a Grand Jury of 23 men which ironically included 4 Jews.

Coroner Paul Donehoo ordered that Leo Frank be bound over for murder and Newt Lee was to be held as a material witness.

Still yet to be uncovered is who wrote the murder notes that appear written by a Negro in Ebonics?

Police Delivered the News to Leo Frank and Newt Lee

Deputy Plennie Minor delivered the unanimous verdict of the Coroner’s Inquest Jury to Leo M. Frank who was being held in the infamous Atlanta Police Tower. Frank was sitting perusing a local daily newspaper, Atlanta Constitution, May 8, 1913, at the time at the time of the message. When Deputy Plennie Minor approached Leo M. Frank and told him about the unanimous verdict of the Inquest Jury, which had ordered that Frank be held for murder and for a more thorough investigation by the Grand Jury!

Newt Lee slumped his head dejectedly when the bad news was delivered to him. However, Leo Frank insolently replied that it was no more than he had expected and continued crackling away and folding the big sheets of his newspaper.

In total more than two hundred witnesses, factory workers and affiliates had been subpoenaed providing sworn testimony at the Inquest.

What stood out the most from all the inquest testimony is that Leo Frank said specified he never went to the bathroom that day and he held onto that position for 3.5 months until he made a startling revelation during his trial on August 18, 1913.

Left Detective John R. Black, on the Right Pinkerton Detective Harry K. Scott, Center Bottom Newton “Newt” Lee
One can’t help but wonder if the Grand Jury transcript was also purged in an effort to expunge from history some very interesting testimony that lead to the unanimous indictment of Leo Frank by 21 Jurors including 4 Jews.

The ace up Dorsey’s sleeve for the Grand Jury Investigation, Monteen Stover.

NEXT: Leo Frank Grand Jury Indictment on Saturday, May 24, 1913.


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