Dan Beckmann as Superman, Jim Lichtscheidl as Jerry Siegel and Alex Brightwell as Joe Schuster in “The History of Invulnerability.” (Courtesy of Sarah Whiting) The story of Superman and its two Jewish creators has been told and retold, but a play being staged in St.

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'The History of Invulnerability' goes inside the mind of Superman creator

Dan Beckmann and Jim Lichtscheidl in The History of Invulnerability. Who knew the story of Superman was so fraught with pain, exploitation and unhappiness?

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"The History of Invulnerability at Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company

Regardless of where Jews lived most recently, all Jews have roots in the Middle East and North Africa.

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In the year 1741 BCE, Abraham began his long journey from Haran to Canaan – a journey which would change the history of the world and have a profound effect on the development of most major religions. Throughout the ages there has been a fascination with Jewish history. People have questioned the “miracle of the continual existence of the Jewish people” – this despite the almost consistent world delight in their persecution and ridicule

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Jewish History

Since 1998, Jewish-History.com has provided full digital text of primary historical documents previously unavailable to the general public except in historical society archives or on reels of microfilm. As one of the first Internet sites to provide these valuable texts free of charge, without the need to travel to a distant library or archive vault, we have revolutionized the nature of research. The economic crisis has affected us deeply, and our previous sources of funds have been dramatically reduced

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Jewish-American History on the Web

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Jewish history (or the history of the Jewish people) is the history of the Jews, and their religion and culture, as it developed and interacted with other peoples, religions and cultures.


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The Golden Age of the Jews in Spain can be symbolized by one person, arguably the greatest person that the people produced from the time of the Talmud until our day: Rabbi Moses ben Maimon, also known as Maimonides or the Rambam. The epitaph on his grave reads, From Moses to Moses, there arose none [] read article

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Crash Course In Jewish History

Why I'm Writing a Jewish History Book in Lithuanian Roza Bieliauskiene – active member of the Vilnius, Lithuania Jewish community – explains why she is writing a book on Jewish history for her students in the … By: Yiddish Book Center


Why I’m Writing a Jewish History Book in Lithuanian – Video

The history of the Jewish people and Judaism from the time of the Bible to modern day Israel. Crash course in Jewish History.

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The S.F.-based Jewish Community Federation has announced 10 new micro-grants for innovative Jewish projects in the Bay Area through the #MakeItHappen Micro-Grants Initiative, a project of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Philanthropic Network.

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10 new projects receive federation micro-grants