That's fine as it were, except sometimes he gets fed grossly erroneous information and despite that, he has gotten a big fat head thinking that he is some kind of expert on the Middle East, Judaism and any other subject that …

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Richard Silverstein Knows Nothing About Judaism – Jewlicious THE …

I am a big believer in accepting charedi gedolim's positions. In fact, I am a much bigger believer in this than many people in the charedi community.

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Rationalist Judaism: Accepting Charedi Gedolim As They Are

RECENT POSTS ON Judaism and Science. Let My People Know, Let My People Think …

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Let My People Know, Let My People Think | Judaism and Science

I am admittedly painting with broad brushes here, but it is probably fair to say in this point in human history that Judaism , Christianity, and Islam take significantly different positions on the universalism of the different faiths and …

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Israel Thrives: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Women of Reform Judaism Assembly Promotional Video We welcome you to join WRJ as we celebrate our 50th Assembly in Orlando in 2015! By: Women of Reform Judaism

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Women of Reform Judaism Assembly Promotional Video – Video

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A public vigil was held in Westminster on Wednesday 16 April by members of the End Hunger Fast campaign. Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to the Movement for Reform Judaism , represented the Jewish …

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Vigil calls for government action on food poverty | Press Releases …

Hundreds of members of Islamist and left wing political groups demonstrated outside the Tangiers Film Festival earlier this month against a documentary about Moroccan Jews living in Israel.

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Moroccan film unearths forgotten memories of lost Jewish community

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But this has come at the cost of severely compromising the Judaism of all the yeshivah students, by educating them to lack basic hakaras hatov and Klal Yisrael consciousness. By trying to save Judaism , you have ended up …

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Rationalist Judaism: But At What Cost?

Sex: a spiritual activity between lovers, a man's obligation to his wife, or a simple act of pleasure? As part of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Suffolk's Hillel and the interfaith center held Kosher Sex, a discussion that …

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“Kosher Sex” talk by Hillel discusses sexuality in Judaism | The …

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Four Questions For Overland Park | Martini Judaism | Jewish Journal

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