Tel Aviv (AFP) – Israelis are flocking to veganism, to the point where even the army now has options for vegan soldiers and vegan militants woo converts by comparing meat eating to an animals' “Holocaust”.

Israel, the promised land for vegans

Dysfunction to Dynasty: 12 Tribes of Israel By: daryl lawson

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Dysfunction to Dynasty: 12 Tribes of Israel – Video

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United Nations, Oct 22 (IANS) A Palestinian envoy to the UN Tuesday called on the UN Security Council to support its initiative to end Israel's occupation within a time frame and protect the Palestinians.

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Palestine seeks UN action to end Israeli occupation

Thousands of young Israelis and European Jews are streaming to Berlin.

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Waves of young Israelis find a home in the former Nazi capital

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Israel Liverpool Dublin eurotrip 2014 Go pro Hero 3 , select 1080HD. By: amit bunker

Israel Liverpool Dublin – Video

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JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel and the Gaza Strip are bound by much more than enmity: Israel controls nearly everything that comes in and out of the territory, including food and energy, and sometimes allows Gazans to enter the country for medical care.

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Israelis question care of Hamas leader's daughter

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United Nations (United States) (AFP) – UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday to move away from unilateral actions stoking tensions and make the “tough compromises” needed to end their decades-old conflict.

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UN tells Israel, Palestinians to stop unilateral actions

WASHINGTON (AP) — An influential Jewish advocacy group said Tuesday it no longer supports allowing suspected Nazi war criminals to receive Social Security benefits.

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Jewish group shifts view on Nazi benefit payments

The UN says it will begin investigating attacks on its facilities during Israel’s recent war against Hamas in Gaza, that killed more than 2,100 Palestinians. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday that the world body was investigating a deadly strike near one of its schools in the Gaza Stripand the alleged use of UN sites to store weapons

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UN announces Gaza war inquiry


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U.N. chief says moving ahead with Gaza war inquiry