ed note–Let's see her do this in front of a synagogue, ADL office, JDL hideout or at the annual AIPAC convention, given the fact that this took place on Good Friday, the day that THE JEWS, not Muslims, murdered Jesus.

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Bashing Islam on Good Friday rather than Judaism | The Ugly Truth

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AIPAC, the powerful pro-Israel lobby, wants Congress to put more pressure on Iran, a.k.a. new sanctions, to abandon its nuclear program. But it doesn't want to pick an open fight with Obama, who opposes such sanctions for now.

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Pro-Israel lobby presses for new US sanctions on Iran, but gingerly (+video)

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Michael Scheuer, speaks frankly about Israel, AIPAC and Fox Michael Scheuer, speaks frankly about Israel, AIPAC and Fox entertainment… I mean news

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Michael Scheuer, speaks frankly about Israel, AIPAC and Fox – Video

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Zionism and the state of the Israel-Palestine conflict led to shouting matches in front of AIPAC.

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Anti-Zionist Jews Protesting AIPAC Told They Are 'Doing the Work of Hitler'

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Three weeks before President Obama travels to Israel, Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

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Biden Tells Pro-Israel Group That President ‘Is Not Bluffing’ on Iran

AIPAC conference in Washington sparks protests Just minutes into a demonstration outside of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee headquarters more commonly known as “AIPAC,” DC police and protesters got into a bit of scuffle causing Barbara Briggs-Letson of California to fall to the ground. – See more at: www.presstv.ir By: thetruegrimghost

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AIPAC conference in Washington sparks protests – Video

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I never thought I'd ever have anything good to say about AIPAC. But today I do.

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Jewish Organizations Call Churches Who Want Aid To Israel …

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Werewolf jamies last day… and financial holocaust : Will AIPAC send assassines to kill max? should be the headline… Tamir | August 9, 2012 at 8:11 pm |. @Flopot,.

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[KR325] Keiser Report: Semaphore of Fraud, Financial Holocaust …

In his speech to AIPAC, Netanyahu referred to 1944 to make the case for war against Iran.

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Iran, Netanyahu and the Holocaust | My Catbird Seat

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Such Holocaust militarism is surely an example of the “loose talk of war” of which President Barack Obama rightly warned in his own speech to Aipac the previous day. But sadly, the abuse of genocide-victims' experience is all ..

The Holocaust and genocide: loose talk, bad action « Martin Shaw