Published on April 07, 2014 Memorials, museums, revival of Jewish life in Germany’s onetime centre of Nazism The epicenter of the Holocaust, the city where Hitler signed the death warrants of 6 million Jews, seems an unlikely candidate for the world’s fastest growing Jewish community. But despite this stigma of Nazism, Berlin’s dynamic, prosperous present and its rich, pre-World War II Jewish past initially attracted an influx of Jews from the former Soviet Union. The community has kept growing with the arrival of thousands of Israelis and smaller numbers of often young immigrants from Australia, France, the United States and elsewhere

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Memorials, museums, revival of Jewish life in Germany's onetime centre of Nazism

By Matt Stevens April 1, 2014, 3:04 p.m.

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Anti-Semitic incidents down in 2013 but assaults up, audit says

HADERA, Israel Israel has gone through one of the driest winters in its history, but despite the lean rainy season, the government has suspended a longstanding campaign to conserve water. The familiar public messages during recent years of drought, often showing images of parched earth, have disappeared from television despite weeks of balmy weather with record low rainfalls in some areas.

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Israel no longer worried about its water supply, thanks to desalination plants

California Gov. Jerry Brown and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu shake hands after signing a trade pact at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., March 5, 2014.

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Israel's Netanyahu to visit Apple, WhatsApp founder in Silicon Valley swing

MOUNTAIN VIEW (AP) Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a swing through the Silicon Valley to meet with high-tech leaders and sign a pro-business agreement with Gov. Jerry Brown.

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Netanyahu, Gov. Brown Sign Pro-Business Pact


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Netanyahu and Gov. Brown sign pro-business pact

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By Mark Trevelyan ROSA KHUTOR, Russia (Reuters) – Sochi's lone rabbi has drawn on reinforcements from the United States and shipped in 7,000 kosher meals to help cater for Jewish visitors to the Winter Olympics in Russia, a country where Judaism is reviving after decades of repression. Speaking virtually no Russian at the time, Ari Edelkopf, a native of California, moved to Sochi 12 years ago …

Online kosher, extra rabbis for visiting Jews in Sochi

LINDA VISTA La Jolla High School was honored Tuesday by the Anti-Defamation Leagues San Diego regional office for implementing a plan to combat cyberbullying on campus. The school received that recognition during the Anti-Defamation Leagues fifth annual Novak Charitable Trust Cyberbullying Conference, which was held at the University of San Diego. More than 40 middle and high schools from San Diego County sent students, parents and educators to the conference with the common goal of tackling cyberbullying, an issue that has become an increasing concern for families and schools

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Penn State professor emeritus of American History and Jewish Studies William Pencak was a hard person to categorize.

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Former history professor remembered for accomplishments

Photos from Gaza City, Indonesia, California and Nepal.

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Pictures of the Day: Gaza Strip and Elsewhere

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