Liaison Committee Symposium: Robert W. Nicholson A recording of the latest Liaison Committee Hearing, with a symposium called, “The Effort to Divest Evangelical Christians from Israel: A New Campaign.” The ..

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Liaison Committee Symposium: Robert W. Nicholson – Video

Pictured: Author and legal analyst Lisa Bloom (center) with Abby Harris, President of the Los Angeles Urban League Young Professionals, and Ori Blumenfeld, Co-Chair of ADL's NextGen. ADL's NextGen Committee and the …

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Anti-Defamation League | ADL and Urban League Partner on Book …

ADL Associate Director Nancy Appel testified at the California Assembly Select Committee on Campus Climate's inaugural hearing at San Jose State University (SJSU) on March 21, 2014. The Committee invited ADL and …

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Anti-Defamation League | ADL Testifies at California Assembly …

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Ramallah, March 23 (IANS) Despite flaring violence in the West Bank, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas's ruling Fatah party decided Saturday to give the US-sponsored peace talks with Israel a chance until its ultimatum ends in April. A statement issued after a Fatah Central Committee meeting held here and chaired by Abbas said it doesn't want to close any door or window for the efforts of …

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Door still open for peace talks with Israel: Palestine

It was business as usual in History Prof.

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History professor awarded Golden Apple award

It was business as usual in History Prof. Victor Liebermans Arab-Israeli Conflict lecture on Tuesday afternoon until an unfamiliar face asked if he liked apples. Though the question was more than a bit out of place, the answer soon came when a parade of students entered the auditorium carrying flowers, maize and blue balloons and 24 gold-painted apples, to congratulate Lieberman on winning the 2014 Golden Apple Award, which recognizes excellence in teaching

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History professor receives Golden Apple award

RAMALLAH – The Jewish-dominated Jerusalem municipality on Monday demolished two Palestinian buildings in occupied Jerusalem saying they were “illegally built.” Fakhri Abu Diab, the coordinator of the Committee for Defending Land in East Jerusalem, said that inspectors from the municipality accompanied by Israeli police and Border Guard officers demolished the two buildings in the East Jerusalem …

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Israel demolishes two buildings in Al-Quds

The U.S. Senate's Special Committee on Aging held a hearing on the plight of Holocaust survivors in the United States. Both Republicans and Democrats on the committee said at the Wednesday hearing that survivors are  …

Senate Considers Plight of Impoverished Holocaust Survivors

Phoenix, AZ, January 16, 2014 … The Anti – Defamation League ( ADL ) is deeply disappointed by the State Senate Committee on Government and Education's passage today of a so-called religious freedom bill – SB 1062.

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Anti-Defamation League | ADL Disappointed By State Senate …

member of Fatahs Central Committee. Muhaisen, on behalf of Abbas: All our holy places are still under occupation, and so far we have not liberated one inch of Palestinian land. All Palestinian land is occupied Gaza is occupied, the West Bank is occupied, the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) are occupied and Jerusalem is occupied….Source: Official PA TV Live, Oct.

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Israel announces tenders for 1,400 new housing units in West Bank, Jerusalem

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