Israel's mayor of Jerusalem and his security guard wrestled a Palestinian attacker to the ground near city hall on Sunday after an ultra-Orthodox Jew was stabbed with a knife at a busy intersection. Security camera footage showed mayor Nir Barkat, in a white shirt, walk towards the suspect together with his bodyguard and lunge at him, pinning him down on a pedestrian crossing before others took …

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Israel's Jerusalem mayor wrestles Palestinian attacker in street

The Israeli government issued hundreds of tenders for housing units in the West bank, settlement watchdog Peace Now reported on Friday, adding that 450 tenders had been announced for building homes in the area Palestinians seek for their own state. Government officials however denied that the tenders issued were for new homes. Ariel Rosenberg, spokesman for Israel’s Housing Ministry, said the government was simply remarketing tenders that failed to sell when they were offered last year.

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Israel issues tenders for new West Bank settlements

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Israel Ground War Updates Protest Against Israel Around The World More videos at : topic in the chain : Libya Max Igan middle east Neocons Bolshevism Gaza Genocide Iran Iraq Israel Jew World Order Jews …

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Israel Ground War Updates Protest Against Israel Around The World – Video

GAZA, Sept. 27 (Xinhua) — Implementing reconciliation deals between the Hamas movement and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas ‘ Fatah Party, the latest bid reached in Cairo, and ending feuds between the two rivals would speed up reconstruction in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian analysts said Saturday. Following a two-day dialogue sponsored by Egypt, the two rival groups agreed on Thursday to implement all provisions in their previous reconciliation understandings, especially the ones related to operation of the new consensus government.

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Palestinian unity key to Gaza reconstruction

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BBC News : Gaza conflict Drone footage reveals extent of damage In Gaza, families are slowing returning to their homes, but for many they will find them razed to the ground. Drone footage reveals the extent of damage to Gaza City caused by the recent conflict…

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BBC News : Gaza conflict Drone footage reveals extent of damage – Video

A poll of Israeli public opinion in the aftermath of the ground invasion of Gaza finds overwhelming approval of the military operation among Israeli Jews. A total of 92% of Israeli Jews agreed that Operation Protective Edge was justified, according to the monthly Peace Index poll published Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute, an independent…

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Poll: 92% of Israeli Jews Say Operation Protection Edge Was Justified

World (JERUSALEM) An investigation of a fatal West Bank clash between Israeli forces and Palestinian stone-throwers indicates that troops used live fire without justification and in violation of the armys rules of engagement, an Israeli human rights group said Tuesday. Two Palestinian teens were killed and one was wounded in last weeks confrontation


Group: Troops Kill 2 Palestinians Without Cause

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) The Palestinians don't want to see U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry's troubled Mideast peace mission fail, but will no longer feel bound by his ground rules if Israel fails to live up to its commitments, the chief Palestinian negotiator said Friday.

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Palestinians say they don't want Kerry to fail

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) The Palestinians want to avoid a clash with the U.S.

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Negotiator: Palestinians don't want clash with US

Proposed changes to Racial Discrimination Act could affect donations and on the ground support, says Jewish leader Donations from the Jewish community to the Liberal party and physical support such as letterboxing could be affected by the governments proposal to remove offend, insult and humiliate and broaden the exemptions in the Racial Discrimination Act, a prominent Jewish leader has warned …

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Jewish donations to Liberal party could be hit by race act changes