By Allyn Fisher-Ilan JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israel's parliament voted on Monday to dissolve itself in preparation for an early general election on March 17, after a crisis set in motion by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's dismissal of two ministers.

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Israel's parliament votes to dissolve itself and set March 17 election

Israeli lawmakers voted Monday to dissolve the parliament and hold elections on March 17, making the current government one of the shortest lived in the country's history.

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Israel's parliament disbands, sets elections for March 17

RAMALLAH, December 6, 2014 (WAFA) The peaceful weekly marches against Apartheid Wall and Israeli illegal settlement construction across the occupied West Bank and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus call for holding early elections in next March hit the front page headlines of the dailies.


Newspaper Review: Peaceful Weekly West Bank Marches Suppressed by Israel, Upcoming Israeli Elections Focus of Dailies

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Israeli parliamentary factions on Wednesday set early elections for March 17 as snap polls suggested that those elections might result in the most conservative government in Israels history. Click to Continue

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Next Israeli government may be countrys most conservative, polls suggest

New elections will probably be held on March 17, the speaker of Israel's parliament said Wednesday, a day after the Prime Minister sacked two senior members of his coalition Cabinet for criticizing government policy.

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Israel elections to come in March

Israel and Palestine EXPLAINED Works Cited “A/RES/181(II) of 29 November 1947″. United Nations

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Israel and Palestine EXPLAINED – Video

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Israel Halts'Weapons Shipment From Iran 5 March 2014 – Breaking News Brain Abundance Compensation Plan Click for free registration: Israel says it has seized a ship carrying advanced Iranian weapons made in Syria… By: Nora Ambrose

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Israel Halts ‘Weapons Shipment From Iran 5 March 2014 – Breaking News – Video

Interested in Converting to Judaism ? Welcome! … Interested in Converting to Judaism ?

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Interested in Converting to Judaism? Welcome! – Congregation …

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BC's Jewish History In 2009 the BC Provincial Capital Commission did a series of short history docs about various aspects of BC.

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BC’s Jewish History – Video

Budapest – Seeking atonement for their relatives, the grandchildren of some of those involved in the Holocaust joined the annual March of Life walk this year as it shifted to Hungary. Dozens of Hungarians joined about 250 …

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Budapest – Germans, Hungarians Retrace Route Jews Were Forced …