Israeli Defense Minister to Discuss Iran, ISIS With Chuck Hagel Getty Images Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon, right, chats with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel during a recent visit. Published October 19, 2014

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Yaalon Heads to D.C. as Israeli Ministers Rip Kerry Remarks

Forza Nuova Speech In A Mosque In Palestine Free our muslim brothers in palestine.


Forza Nuova Speech In A Mosque In Palestine – Video

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JERUSALEM, Oct. 14 (UPI) — United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Jerusalem, Israel and Ramallah, West Bank, and was critical of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. “I am very concerned about the recent announcement of plans to advance settlements in east Jerusalem, which are in clear violation of international law.

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U.N. chief visits Jerusalem, West Bank

Jewish ‘Price Tag’ Extremist Blamed for Nablus Arson getty images Hate Crime: Muslim clerics stand next to anti-Arab graffiti scrawled outside a West Bank mosque that was firebombed by Jewish exremists. Published October 14, 2014.

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West Bank Mosque Torched in Racist Attack

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(MENAFN – QNA) Israeli occupation authorities today closed the Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim worshippers under the pretext of the advent of the so-called Jewish Sukkot holiday. Directorate of Endowments in Hebron said the occupation authorities closed the Ibrahimi Mosque which will remain closed tomorrow to Muslim worshippers under the pretext of Jewish holidays and deemed lawful or permissible all halls of the mosque for the settlers to pray in them, considering that a flagrant infringement upon the freedom of worship in the mosque for Muslims. With this procedure, the occupation forces obstructed the movement of Palestinian citizens in markets and the old town of Hebron, tightened measures at checkpoints and closed roads leading to the mosque from Bab Al-Zawia neighbourhood in the centre of Hebron into the heart of the old town and the Ibrahimi mosque and ran foot patrols to secure access to the mosque and the old town.

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Israeli Occupation Authorities Close Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslim Worshippers

Israeli authorities are imposing wide-ranging closures on the West Bank and Gaza throughout the Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur, limiting the movement of Palestinians just as the Islamic Eid al-Adha festival begins.The closures began at midnight on Thursday and last until Saturday midnight, massively limiting the movement of all Palestinians in and out of the West Bank and Gaza Strip for the duration of the holiday. The only possible exceptions that could be made, an Israeli military statement said, would be for humanitarian and medical needs, although the closure of government offices during the same time could present difficulties to those seeking to utilize the exceptions. Israel routinely seals the Palestinian territories during Jewish holidays, depriving Palestinians of the freedom of movement and cutting them off from family and work inside Israel.This year’s closure, however, is particularly controversial, as the somber Yom Kippur day of repentance overlaps with the joyous Eid al-Adha festival, celebrated by millions of Palestinian Muslims

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Israel imposes strict closures across Palestine for Yom Kippur

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Israel is on high alert over fears of possible violent clashes as two of the most important holidays in the Jewish and Muslim religions overlap for the first time in 30 years.

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Israel: Eid al-Adha and Yom Kippur Clashes in Jerusalem Feared

Israel police on alert to avert clashes as major Jewish and Muslim holidays coincide

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Israel on Alert as Jewish, Muslim Holiday Coincide

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The West Bank was put under military closure on Thursday night ahead of Yom Kippur. The closure, which was ordered by Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon, will remain in place until Saturday at midnight. While the closure is in place, Palestinians will not be able to enter Israel except in extraordinary humanitarian circumstances that have the approval of the Civil Administration


Airport shutters, West Bank put under closure for Yom Kippur

The stones tell the story. They litter alleyways and doorsteps, line roadways stained black by scorch marks from burning tires and firebombs, sit loose and at the ready atop crumbling rock walls. Hardly a day goes by without a stone-throwing clash between young Palestinians and Israeli security forces in some traditionally Arab corner of the holy city, skirmishes that often escalate to the point that police break out what are described as intense but nonlethal methods of crowd control: stun grenades, tear gas or a foul-smelling, retch-inducing liquid known as “skunk water.” “It’s another intifada, really,” said Jawad Siyam, an activist in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, referring to two sustained Palestinian uprisings against Israeli rule that began in 1987 and 2000.

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In East Jerusalem, Israeli-Palestinian tension nears boiling point