Israel barred access to the Muslim shrines on a contested Jerusalem hilltop for the first time since 2000, as Palestinians accused Israel of taking security measures “tantamount to a declaration of war.”

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Israel Closes Temple Mount After Palestinian Shoots Activist

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Negotiation sounds like a good idea, doesn't it? Negotiations brought an end to civil war in Northern Ireland, achieved peace in Angola, attained a kind of peace between the government and guerrillas in Colombia, and pacified a decadeslong Muslim insurgency in the southern Philippines.

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How Palestine plans to overcome Israel and the US

Egyptian mourners attending the funeral for one of the soldiers killed in a suicide attack in Sinai. Photograph: Eadwan Abou Magd/EPA Egypt announced yesterday it was postponing talks in Cairo on cementing the Gaza ceasefire after closing its border with the Palestinian enclave in response to deadly attacks in the Sinai peninsula. Two attacks on Friday in Sinai, which borders the Gaza Strip and Israel, killed at least 33 Egyptian security personnel in some of the worst anti-state violence since former army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousted President Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood last year

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Gaza peace talks halted after Sinai attacks

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By Dan Williams TEL AVIV Israel (Reuters) – Jordan warned Israel on Sunday their peace treaty would be threatened by continued Jewish settlement building on occupied land sought by the Palestinians and any change to the religious status of a key Muslim shrine in Jerusalem. “All such acts are incompatible with international law and international humanitarian law and if allowed to continue will …

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Jordan warns settlements may 'imperil' treaty with Israel

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Poland, the country on whose soil Nazi Germany carried out the darkest acts of the Holocaust, is starting to re-connect with its other role in Jewish history, as a home for 1,000 years to one of the world’s biggest Jewish communities.The country will take a step in that direction next week with the opening of the main exhibition at Warsaw’s newly built Museum of the History of Polish Jews, a project that sets out to remember not just how Jews in Poland died, but how they lived. Poland’s effort to reach out to its Jewish heritage, tentative and incomplete though it is, contrasts with the mood in other parts of Europe, where Jewish groups say Jews are subject to hostility and sometimes violent attacks.Some in the Jewish community say Poland — site during the German occupation of the Warsaw ghetto and the Auschwitz, Treblinka and Sobibor camps where millions of Jews were killed — is now more welcoming than many western European countries. “When you take into account that Jews are being beaten up in the streets in Germany or France or Scandinavia, you even have synagogues being burned down, murders — we don’t have any of that,” said Piotr Kadlcik, vice-president of the Jewish community of Warsaw, one of the country’s biggest Jewish groups.”I think that right now it’s safer to walk around Warsaw in a yarmulke than it is in certain neighbourhoods in Paris.” On May 24, a man with a Kalashnikov rifle walked into a Jewish museum in Brussels and killed three people, while in July people protesting against Israel’s military operation in Gaza clashed with riot police outside two Paris synagogues.Incidents like that have created a climate of fear among Europe’s Jews, even though some data from Jewish groups point to a decline last year in the number of anti-Semitic acts recorded in Britain and France.

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Amid hostile environment in Europe, Poland reaches out to its Jewish heritage with Museum of the History of Polish Jews

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Part 3 of 3: Anti-Semitism has a long history in Europe. But Jews are feeling increasingly threatened by what they see as a new wave of prejudice – brewed in part by burgeoning extremism in Muslim communities.

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Marseille's culture clash: An old hatred acquires a new face

Smoke and Stones: Clashes rock Jerusalem at Friday prayers The Old City of Jerusalem saw clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli security forces on Friday, as prayers were taking place at a Muslim holy site. West Bank city of Hebron also witnessed… By: RT

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Smoke and Stones: Clashes rock Jerusalem at Friday prayers – Video

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Israeli Defense Minister to Discuss Iran, ISIS With Chuck Hagel Getty Images Israeli defense minister Moshe Yaalon, right, chats with Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel during a recent visit. Published October 19, 2014

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Yaalon Heads to D.C. as Israeli Ministers Rip Kerry Remarks

Forza Nuova Speech In A Mosque In Palestine Free our muslim brothers in palestine.


Forza Nuova Speech In A Mosque In Palestine – Video

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JERUSALEM, Oct. 14 (UPI) — United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited Jerusalem, Israel and Ramallah, West Bank, and was critical of Israeli settlements in Palestinian territory. “I am very concerned about the recent announcement of plans to advance settlements in east Jerusalem, which are in clear violation of international law.

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U.N. chief visits Jerusalem, West Bank