By IBRAHIM BARZAK Associated Press GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – In a long hallway that looks more like a videogame arcade than a military base, Hamas security forces are holding target practice using assault rifles fitted with lasers – all without firing a bullet. For the cash-strapped Hamas government, the system is a much-needed money saver that eliminates the need to train with live ammunition, which is in short supply in Gaza

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Cash-strapped Hamas turns to e-bullets –

With the network of underground supply tunnels rapidly being shut down, prices have soared for Palestinians in the Strip In Gaza City's main market, Mohammed Hilis stood disconsolately among piles of fruit and vegetables, waiting for customers. In the run-up to the Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha, the market was unusually quiet as steep price rises, unpaid salaries and layoffs the consequences …

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Gaza chokes as Israel and Egypt's economic garottes tighten

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Accent Speakers Bureau announced its sponsoring of Ehud Olmert, the former Israeli prime minister, before he abruptly canceled the visit on April 1.

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Accent should invite more alleged criminals

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Mystery Ancient Oracles of the Dead an Sirius Mysteries Part 1 pet shop fun. Theologian Paul Begley wonders about the 70 ancient books in Jordan cave, also radiation in Spokane , Wa. Milk! Has the Muslim Jihadist gone aw..

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Mystery Ancient Oracles of the Dead an Sirius Mysteries Part 1 – Video

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BOOK REVIEW The Israeli Solution by Caroline Glick Reviewed by Spengler By any standard, the Palestinian problem involves the strangest criteria in modern history. To begin with, refugees are defined as individuals who have been forced to leave their land of origin. A new definition of refugee status, though, was invented exclusively for Palestinian Arabs, who count as refugees their descendants to the nth generation.

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The Israeli Solution by Caroline Glick

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip A Palestinian official says Egypt has reopened its border with the Gaza Strip after weeks of closure. Hamas’ Interior Ministry spokesman, Eyad al-Bozum, says Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah border crossing Saturday after it was closed for 49 days

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Gaza-Egypt crossing reopened after long closure linked to crackdown on Gaza's Hamas rulers

Islam, Christianity, Judaism More in Common Than You Think! By: The Muslim Videos

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Islam, Christianity, Judaism More in Common Than You Think! – Video

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Two more views on the issue of calling Israel the Jewish State: The problem wont go away |Two definitions, two implications Chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, in an interview quoted in The New York Times, repeated his objection to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state: Its my narrative, its my history, its my story. He continued, Ive never heard in the history of mankind that others must participate in defining the nature of others

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Palestinians and Israel as the Jewish State: Symptoms of neurosis

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By Nidal al-Mughrabi GAZA Tue Mar 18, 2014 4:50pm GMT GAZA (Reuters) – The Palestinian militant group Hamas on Tuesday called Egypt’s curbs on movement through its crossing with the Gaza Strip a “crime against humanity”, in an unprecedented rebuke of its Arab neighbour that further frays their worsening ties. The closures, that Egypt says were introduced because of security concerns, have cut off imports of medicine and aid to the impoverished coastal enclave and prevented travel by thousands of Gazans and patients seeking treatment abroad

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Hamas calls Egypt blockade a "crime against humanity"

Israeli Knesset on Tuesday began a debate called by right-wingers to demand that Israel end its practice of forbidding Jewish prayer at the Al-Aqsa Mosques compound.

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Another Israeli mischief