The Anti-Defamation League slammed the founder of Christians United for Israel for calling President Barack Obama anti-Semitic.

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ADL slams Hagee for calling Obama anti-Semitic

Photo: CUFI Pastor John Hagee, founder of Christians United for Israel, has been criticised by the Anti-Defamation League.

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John Hagee's claim that Obama is anti-Semitic rubbished by Anti-Defamation League

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TIME Ideas Religion, Hypocrisy, and Obamacare Eric Yoffie was President of the Union for Reform Judaism from 1996 to 2012. Now, when you die and get to the meeting with St. Peter, hes probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small.

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Religion, Hypocrisy, and Obamacare

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Called Defense Secretary a ‘True Friend of Israel’ Getty Images Published November 24, 2014.

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Moshe Yaalon and the Anti-Defamation League Praise Hagel As He Announces Resignation

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The West Bank levee authority approved $1.6 million to hire a contractor to oversee the monolithic West Closure Complex, while anagreement with local governments over cost sharing is negotiated.

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West Bank levee authority approves $1.6 million cost share to hire interim operator for West Closure Complex

When former Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Vice President of Finance Laurie Semo questioned possible insider dealings at the non-profit’s offices, she was met with life-threatening intimidation by the current chief operating officer, according to a lawsuit filed in Broward Circuit Court last month.

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Former VP Sues South Palm Beach Jewish Federation Execs for Defamation, Interference

Thousands, including President Reuven Rivlin, Public Security Minister Yitzchak Aharonovitch and Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino, gathered at Kfar Yanouch in the Galilee for the funeral.

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Jews, Christians and Muslims unite for funeral of policeman killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack

Israeli emergency personnel carry the body of a victim from the scene of an attack at a Jerusalem synagogue on Nov. 18

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Palestinians in West Bank show support for attacks against Jews

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A Jerusalem synagogue turned from a peaceful sanctuary to a house of horrors within moments Tuesday when two Palestinian cousins wielding a gun and butcher knives attacked during morning prayers, killing four rabbis and a policeman.

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Four Israelis killed in synagogue 'terror attack'

WASHINGTON – Less than a week in Washington and Congressman-elect Lee Zeldin — the only Jewish Republican in the body — is already taking swings at President Obama and insisting…

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Lee Zeldin is distancing himself from Jewish Democrats

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