Gaza Civil Servants Receive Pay In Boost To Palestinian Unity Some 24000 civil servants hired by the Islamist group Hamas, many of whom have not received a full salary in almost a year, finally got some pay on Wednesday from the new Palestinian unity… By: WochitGeneralNews

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Gaza Civil Servants Receive Pay In Boost To Palestinian Unity – Video

Malibu Local to Receive Award. Malibu resident Liane Weintraub will be honored at the Anti – Defamation League's annual Deborah Awards Dinner.

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ADL Deborah Honoree featured in Malibu Times – Los Angeles

One Sunday after CUTB First vid.”I Receive” by Israel Houghton. Excuse the face. Comment below! :) By: wrightonrice

One Sunday after CUTB – Video

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NEW YORK, May 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — The Jewish Education Project (formerly BJENY-SAJES), is pleased to announce five “Super Star” educators have been selected from the New York area to receive …

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The Jewish Education Project Celebrates Five Young Pioneers

[JURIST] Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley [official website] on Thursday signed into law a bill [SB 479 materials] designed to force French rail company SNCF [corporate website] to disclose its participation in the Holocaust to receive …

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Maryland passes bill forcing railroad to disclose Holocaust activities