Despite tensions, tourism in the Middle East is growing and, for the most part, visitors can travel safely. We assess the situation in Palestine, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Oman and Tunisia Palestine The West Bank isn't the obvious destination for a relaxing break, but the FCO's warning to stay away was lifted years ago and the vibrancy of Palestinian culture may surprise you.

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Peace in the Middle East: holidays in the countryside

Voices of construction workers used to ring out in Gazas streets. Now hulks of unfinished buildings stand in eerie silence, and the idle builders are left to worry how to make ends meet.

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Hamas considers economic reforms as Gaza's economic activity plummets

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Continuous floods on the Zambezi river have isolated 23, 000 people on the West Bank of the Zambezi River in Zambezi west constituency in North Western province . The floods which have stretched across Chavuma and Zambezi districts has disrupted the normal operations and living standards of the people on west bank as they cannot access basic services from the eastern side. The people living on the west bank are cut off from accessing fuel, food supplies, education for school going children and health services until April when the rain subsides.

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Floods cut off people on West Bank of the Zambezi River

A Labour MP has apologised after she appeared to compare the situation in Gaza to the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust .

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Labour MP Yasmin Qureshi apologises for Gaza-Holocaust …

Israeli former prime minister Ariel Sharon’s health was in “slow, gradual” decline on Friday, according to the hospital where he has been in a comatose state for eight years.

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Israel’s Sharon in ‘slow, gradual’ decline: medics

Israel ranks 46th in the world for representation of women among legislators, senior officials, and managers. But appointments like Flug's are slowly improving the situation.

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Bank of Israel appoints first female chief, boosting gender equality

Jerusalem (AFP) – Israel kept up its alarmist rhetoric on talks between world powers and Iran Wednesday, with a cabinet minister comparing the situation to pre-war Europe and the appeasement of Nazi Germany.

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Israel warns Iran talks must not be 'another Munich'

by Emily Harris, NPR October 3, 2013 Israel eased a major restriction on the Gaza Strip last week. For the first time in six years, limited commercial shipments of cement and iron were allowed through Israel into Gaza

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Israel eases major restriction on Gaza Strip

In summary, the situation is this: A Holocaust memorial has been proposed and would be built on the grounds of the Ohio Statehouse.

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Ohio Holocaust Memorial Controversy » Biodork – Freethought Blogs

Failure to restart Israeli-Palestinian negotiations could stir unrest in the West Bank, the IDF’s top commander in the territory warned Tuesday. GOC Central Command Maj. Gen.

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IDF commander warns of West Bank unrest if efforts to restart peace talks fail