Egypt tightens the Israeli blockade on Gaza Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who have been struggling under the weight of the Israeli blockade for several years, blame Egypt for the worsening of their situation. Gaza's Arab neighbor Egypt..

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Egypt tightens the Israeli blockade on Gaza – Video

MidEast In Depth – Can Hezbollah handle two fronts: ISIS and Israel? Matthew Levitt Fromer-Wexler fellow and director of The Washington Institute's Stein Program on counter-terrorism and intelligence writes an article in the washington post looking at the situation..

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MidEast In Depth – Can Hezbollah handle two fronts: ISIS and Israel? – Video

Israel, Gaza, and The West Bank An informative video on the situation in Israel, produced and created by teen USY'er and Rakevet Israel Affairs Vice President Yair Koas. By: USAMusicalProduction

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Israel, Gaza, and The West Bank – Video

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EU-Israel Association Agreement: A new threat to Palestine? On the 23rd of October members of the European Parliament will be voting on a new agreement between Israel and the European Union (the Protocol on Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products ACAA) as EU-Israel Association Agreement

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EU-Israel Association Agreement: A new threat to Palestine? – Video

06-08-2012 10:43 On August 5, 2012, terrorists in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula stormed an Egyptian military base, killed more than 15 Egyptian soldiers and stole two vehicles. The two vehicles then headed toward Israel

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IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Addresses Terror Attack on Israel-Egypt Border – Video

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30-01-2012 23:27 Israel Air Force chief Ido Nehushtan said Sunday that Israel’s aerial superiority in the Middle East is in danger, since neighboring countries are being equipped with increasingly advanced weaponry, which could end up in the hands of terrorists. Nehushtan said that he is very worried by the situation in Syria and said that despite Syria’s turmoil, it is still purchasing advanced weapons such as planes and anti-missile aircraft worth billions.

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IAF: Israel’s aerial superiority in danger – Video

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23-01-2012 05:50 Full text There is no alternative to peace talks when it comes to the situation in the Middle East, says president of the Palestinian Administration Mahmoud Abbas in his interview to RT.

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Abbas to RT: Israeli colonial logic chokes talks – Video

On the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with author and historian Webster Tarpley from Syria. The United States, EU, Turkey and neighboring states have called for Syria’s president al-Assad to step down as rumors and reports of violence continue to make headlines in the corporate media. Press TV November 15, 2011 The facts on the ground suggest that there is an urging demand for social and political reforms in the country but the situation is not as bad in Syria as in other despotic Arab countries where the hope for reforms is zero.

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Wahhabis, Israel Fund Al-Qaeda Rebels in Syria: Dr. Webster Tarpley Reports 1/2 – Video

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The international atomic watchdog has called on Tehran to clear up all the outstanding questions on the matter.

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‘Americans are really unable to do anything about Iran’ – Video

After a day of tense calm, Palestinians in Gaza fired a Qassam rocket at southern Israel late Sunday afternoon. No one was injured and no damage reported, the incident occurred shortly after the Israel Air Force targeted a terror cell in southern Gaza preparing to fire rockets. Throughout the day the army and emergency services remained on high alert in southern Israel after some 40 rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip at residential and open areas in southern Israel, Saturday and Sunday morning

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Israel says no cease fire in Gaza, rockets continue to fall – Video