BBC News : Gaza conflict Drone footage reveals extent of damage In Gaza, families are slowing returning to their homes, but for many they will find them razed to the ground. Drone footage reveals the extent of damage to Gaza City caused by the recent conflict…

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BBC News : Gaza conflict Drone footage reveals extent of damage – Video

A poll of Israeli public opinion in the aftermath of the ground invasion of Gaza finds overwhelming approval of the military operation among Israeli Jews. A total of 92% of Israeli Jews agreed that Operation Protective Edge was justified, according to the monthly Peace Index poll published Tuesday by the Israel Democracy Institute, an independent…

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Poll: 92% of Israeli Jews Say Operation Protection Edge Was Justified

Although overall anti-Semitic incidents declined 19% nationwide from 2012 to 2013, there were 31 assaults on Jews last year compared to 17 in 2012. NEW YORK — The elderly woman had stopped by the Jewish Community Center in the Canarsie area of Brooklyn and was shuffling away, leaning heavily on her walker, when a young man punched her in the head as he walked past, knocking her to the ground …

Attacks on Jews show a troubling increase

GAZA, December 24, 2013 (WAFA) – The Bank of Palestine is providing $50,000 to UNICEF to help Palestinian children and families in the aftermath of the severe winter storm that hit Gaza, in an initiative whereby Bank of Palestine staff on the ground are volunteering their time to help with the distribution of relief supplies, a UNICEF press release said.

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Bank of Palestine Partners with UNICEF to Assist Children, Families Affected by Winter Storm in Gaza

An Orthodox Jew walking home from work in Brooklyn early Friday was brutally attacked by a pack of thugs playing the “knockout game” — leaving him sprawled on the ground…

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Jewish man clocked in ‘knockout’ attack

Graves and bones belonging to an ancient Jewish cemetery were found in the ground during the construction of the tunnel in the Aegean province of Izmir.

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Ancient Jewish cemetery discovered while digging tunnel in Turkey

A thrift store was in the Palestine building that burnt to the ground Saturday, and the owner says she didn't expect this tragedy to come from trying to help others.

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2 killed in Palestine fire: "It's the hardest thing I've had to go through. She was like family"

A Wisconsin-based atheist group has expressed its opposition to a Holocaust memorial set to be built on the ground of the Ohio statehouse, arguing that its location violates the separation of church and state and calling the? …

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The Yeshiva World Atheist Group Opposes Holocaust Memorial On …

John Kerry has been re-engaging in Middle East peace negotiations, which will—if he can get them off the ground—kick the collection of age-old hornets nests of the conflict. One such nest has, while the Obama? …

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Can Holocaust Litigation Show the Way to Palestinian Reparations …

There is a feeling you get when you stand on, say, the ground at Gettysburg or the steps of the Lincoln Monument and you know that something momentous, a piece of history, occurred right on that part of …

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Augmented-Reality Game Brings a Story of Jewish Labor Organizers Back to Life