Gaza’s residents enjoy a day at the beach. Photograph: Antonio Olmos Tourism initiatives in the Gaza Strip might sound crazy to some people, but Gazans have been planning them all along.

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Why Gazans are dreaming of tourism

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SILWAND, West Bank New Orleans car dealer Abdel Wahab Khalek got the call every parent fears the most on Friday afternoon: Dad, theres something going on, his daughter Brayan, 19, told him from Ramallah in the West Bank. Weve been trying to reach Orwah for the past 10, 15 minutes and he doesnt answer his phone.

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'He's a Kid': Dad of U.S. Teen Killed in West Bank Speaks

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TIME Business food and drink SodaStream to Move Controversial West Bank Facility SodaStream unveils Scarlett Johansson as its first-ever Global Brand Ambassador at the Gramercy Park Hotel on January 10, 2014 in New York City. Mike Coppola2014 Getty Images The company says the move does not come in response to a Palestinian activist-led boycott SodaStream announced Wednesday that it will move a controversial facility located in an Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

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SodaStream to Move Controversial West Bank Facility

In a landmark gesture to the countrys Arab minority, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin visited the town of Kafr Qasim to pay tribute to victims killed by Israeli troops in an incident that remains a gaping wound for Israels Arab citizens nearly six decades later. The first Israeli president to do so, Rivlin attended the annual memorial ceremony held for what has long been called the Kafr Qasim massacre, laying flowers at a monument engraved with the victims names.

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Israeli president calls 1956 massacre of Arabs a 'terrible crime'

The Gaza Strip (//;[2]Arabic: Qi azzah [qt azza]), or simply Gaza, is an pene-exclave region of Palestine on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea that borders Egypt on the southwest for 11 kilometers (6.8mi) and Israel on the east and north along a 51km (32mi) border.

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Gaza Strip – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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TIME World Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Infants Killing in Jerusalem Reignites Talk of a New Intifada A masked Palestinian kicks a burning tire during clashes with Israeli security forces a day after 14-year-old Palestinian-American, Orwah Hammad was killed by Israeli troops during clashes, in the village of Silwad, near the West Bank city of Ramallah on Oct.

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Infants Killing in Jerusalem Reignites Talk of a New Intifada

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Iraqis celebrate the Islamic New Year outside a mosque in Samawah(Getty Images) Today marks the beginning of the Islamic New Year, otherwise known as the Hijri New Year. Starting on the evening of the 24 October and ending on the 25 October, it is observed on the first day of Muharram the first month in the Islamic calendar. The Islamic lunar year is shorter than the solar Gregorian year, usually by 11 or 12 days.

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Islamic New Year 1436 AH: What Year is it in Hinduism, Judaism and Buddhism?

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GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip: Last years feel-good winner of the TV singing contest Arab Idol said Wednesday he wants to give back to Gaza, where he grew up, by setting up an arts center nurturing young musicians, writers and actors. The center would be funded by Palestinian Americans who have pledged support, Mohammed Assaf, 24, said in an interview in the Gaza City office of The Associated Press

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Assaf to set up arts center in Gaza

By Ori Lewis JERUSALEM (Reuters) – Israeli archaeologists displayed on Tuesday a 2,000-year-old stone block unearthed in Jerusalem that they hope will help shed new light on a Jewish revolt against the Romans. It is part of a lintel from an arch built to welcome Emperor Hadrian when he visited Jerusalem in 130 AD, around the time the region's Jews, led by Bar Kochba, rose up against Roman rule …

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New Jerusalem find may shed light on Jewish revolt against Romans

BERLIN Pudding Man is unmasked! He is none other than 25-year-old mobile app designer Naor Narkis. And if you dont know who pudding man is, you clearly dont live in Israel or Germany.

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WorldViews: Pudding Man who left Israel for Germany reveals his identity

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