Palestine in the ancient world was part of the region known as Canaan and, later, the region where the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah were located. Palestine is a designation of an area of land, which the Philistines occupied a very small part of (the Canaanites/Phonecians and the Israelites, among others, having established themselves in the area much earlier). The name `Palestine is thought to derive from either the word plesheth (meaning `root palash, an edible concocotion carried by migratory tribes which came to symbolize nomadic peoples) or as a Greek designation for the nomadic Philistines.


Palestine — Ancient History Encyclopedia

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Berlin (dpa) – Judaism is an integral part of Germanys identity, Chancellor Angela Merkel told thousands at a rally against anti-Semitism near Berlins iconic Brandenburg Gate on Sunday. “Jewish life belongs among us.

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1ST LEAD Judaism is part of German identity, Merkel tells anti-Semitism rally By Jean-Baptiste Piggin, dpa

[In World War I] Turkey, with an expansive empire that compassed the Middle East (including Palestine) and North Africa, fought with Germany and the Central Powers against the Allies. At the breaking up of the Turkish Empire by the victorious Allies, both Jews and Arabs requested independent states. The world powers were generous in the extreme to the Arabs by granting them twenty-two independent Arabs states – encompassing 5,414,000 square miles.

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Palestine – The Peace FAQ

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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) – A Facebook post is being circulated, as well as a physical flyer, that says the New Empire Knights of the KKK have planned a fall festival for October 24-26 in Adamsville.

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Anti-Defamation League believes Adamsville KKK rally is real

SUNY Buffalo State theater professor Drew Kahn isnt being the slightest bit hyperbolic when he says stories have the power to change the world. Kahn believes in the transformative power of storytelling with such evangelical fervor that he and his students devote much of the year to spreading that gospel. The fruits of their labor will be on display from Monday through Wednesday during the colleges sixth annual Anne Frank Project, a cross-disciplinary series of lectures and performances designed to acquaint students and citizens with their own latent storytelling abilities.

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Anne Frank Project aims to show the power of storytelling

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Let’s Drop Our Own Celebrity Culture and Embrace a Participatory One Wikicommons On Fire: Judaism should emulate DIY spirit of the Burning Man festival. Published September 04, 2014. And now, three items from the world of celebrity two of which youve probably heard about, one which you likely have not.

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What Judaism Can Learn From Burning Man

In the rush to analyze the outcome of Israels 51-day war in Gaza, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, some may have neglected an important factor: This was not a war by traditional definitions of warfare, thus the conventional analyses of victory and defeat is simply not applicable.

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Israel and unexpected outcome of Gaza war

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By ALON BERNSTEIN Associated Press KIBBUTZ SAAD, Israel (AP) – Thousands of Israeli children in areas near the Gaza Strip went back to school Monday after spending the summer in bomb shelters as rockets and mortars rained on their communities during the 50-day Israel-Hamas war, while schools in Gaza remained shuttered as the territory recovered from the fighting. The start of school brought a sense of joy and excitement to rocket-scarred communities in southern Israel, but the signs of the fighting remained fresh. In the southern city of Ashdod, employees at the “Pashosh” kindergarten, which was struck by a rocket, removed shrapnel marks off the walls and slides ahead of the students’ arrival

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Israeli children return to school after Gaza war

Late last week Spanish fashion giant Zara created another scandal related to the memory of the Holocaust. This time, the outrageous items being peddled were T-shirts that resembled the uniforms worn by inmates in Nazi concentration camps. The good news is that in this case as well, Zara quickly removed the item from sale, but once again it took many protests and no small measure of public …

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Has the World Forgotten the Holocaust?

Palestinians gather Aug. 13 to discuss how to rebuild their homes in the northern Gaza Strip

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Rebuilding Gaza Strip to take $6 billion, 20 years after fighting ends

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